LOEWE partners with Knot On My Planet and the Kenyan non-profile Samburu Trust to create a limited-edition Elephant bag in hopes to preserve endangered animals and raise awareness

“Poachers kill about 20,000 elephants every single year for their tusks,” as highlighted by the World Wild Life Organisation. “Behind every piece of ivory—whether it be a full tusk or carved trinket—is a dead elephant.” Why is ivory so precious? You may question. Like jewels and crystals, it’s extremely coveted. Not to mention, it has many uses including the manufacture of pianos, billiard balls, and everyday objects we don’t think about. The want for these tusks adds fuel to the fire; illegal hunting has become significantly more prominent as these poachers get progressively more avaricious.

To provide a secure future for these exploited animals, wildlife campaign Knot On My Planet (KOMP) unites with the Elephant Crisis Fund by forging partnerships with luxury brands. One of these brands, LOEWE, has been collaborating with KOMP to preserve endangered animals and raise awareness through exclusive drops.

For the fourth instalment, LOEWE worked with the Kenyan non-profit Samburu Trust to create a limited-edition woven raffia Elephant bag. Also continuing LOEWE’s commitment to preserving ancient crafts, this Elephant basket bag celebrates the centuries-old beadwork tradition of the Samburu people.

Renowned for their vibrantly patterned collars, headdresses, and jewellery, the Samburu craftswomen infused the essence of generations of Samburu culture and history into the bag, adorning the basket bag with large colourful hand-beaded eyes.

While it may not seem a lot, every minute effort can make a huge difference. It’s crunch time, and we need to step up at now-o-clock. These bags are currently available for purchase on loewe.com and bergdofgoodman.com, with all proceeds going directly to the Elephant Crisis Fund. It’s a win-win situation for fans of both the Spanish luxury fashion house and pachyderm.

(Images: LOEWE x Knot On My Planet)

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Amos Chin
Fashion and beauty aficionado by day; idiosyncratic (I think) Spotify Playlist Curator by night. Knows a thing or two about tattoos.

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