Gamers have a bad rep when it comes to posture. The label does tend to conjure images of individuals slumped over with rounded shoulders and eyes glued to one or more screens. Yet, OSIMʼs collaboration with laptop brand Acer just might succeed in changing this picture.

The uThrone Gaming Chair is OSIMʼs (and the worldʼs) first gaming massage chair. While the connection between gaming performance and comfort may appear tenuous, deeper consideration reveals otherwise.

If youʼve ever sat through a movie marathon or a multi-hour drive, you would know how a lack of comfort can result in a deleterious effect on the senses. The same applies to extended gaming sessions. And just as how flagging senses can result in diminished enjoyment, so can they rack up considerable debt in the form of concentration.

Not Just Any Massage Chair

But what separates a gaming massage chair from a conventional one? In the case of OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair, the emphasis is on delivering a targeted neck and shoulder massage ‒ common pain points for gamers. The chair also comes with three convenient massage pre-sets.

When youʼre at the tail-end of a gruelling frag fest, the last thing you would want to do is to fuss around with more hardware. I was initially sceptical of the concept of a gaming massage chair. It felt like a marketing gimmick designed to help OSIM reach out to a broader audience.

My time with the uThrone Gaming Chair however convinced me that the brand stands more than a fair chance of achieving that with a legitimate product.

Predator Gaming Chair
Built for gamers

The Ergonomics

The OSIM uThrone Gaming Chair advertises an ergonomic design of course. Aside from the usual adjustable seat height, the chair also boasts customisable armrests and headrests. The former stood out the most for me ‒ variances in limb lengths mean that individuals have different defaults when it comes to their preferred forearm placement.

Optimal positioning can help to mitigate shoulder-borne aches. A removable lumbar cushion also makes an appearance, though it only finds use with the chairʼs massage function deactivated. Moving on to the actual function of the uThrone Gaming Chair, I was immediately impressed by the authenticity of OSIMʼs V-Hand technology.

The 360-degree massage rollers functioned very much the same way as a human masseuse, delivering ample amounts of pressure when it came to kneading and tapping. The control panel, which conceals under the right armrest when not in use, is easy to navigate and allows users to accurately position the rollers and adjust their orientation.

Definitive Features

The uThrone Gaming Chair also comes with some impressive features. A roller chair design means that repositioning the gaming chair is anything but difficult. It also features a 145-degree recline function and Bluetooth speakers for that additional measure of immersion. The entire chair has gone through extensive testing, with focus ranging from structural integrity to upholstery and hydraulics. OSIMʼs intent of standing by its product is evident, just as how any gamer worth their salt would stand by their trusty rig.

Essential Gaming Gear?

So, is OSIMʼs latest massage chair an indispensable piece of gaming gear? Not by a long shot, nor was it intended as such. But it certainly delivers on its promises. The utility may be somewhat lost on casual gamers, but dedicated enthusiasts wonʼt have to look hard to see the benefits.

That said, the uThrone Gaming Chair is a worthy addition to any gaming den. It will certainly go a long way towards alleviating some of those aches that come with late-night gaming

(Images: OSIM)

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