Mercury has finally ended it’s chaotic retrograde. Things that have been chaotic, now slowly begin to settle down. This is a powerful week as we celebrate the festival of Dussehra that symbolises the victory of good over evil. Thus, this is a perfect time to battle our darkness, for ‘The Universe’ is supporting our victory over them. The stars have special messages for us that have been divined lovingly by the Tarot.

Here’s looking at October horoscope for all zodiac signs this week.

October horoscope for the week

Aries October horoscope

Aries: October horoscope

This is a powerful week for you, Aries. The mischievous retrograde of Mercury ended, giving you a cosmic ‘thumbs up’ to go full steam ahead with all your plans. Goals and objectives will be all the more easier to achieve, and you’ll find that you’re able to attain anything you desire with a pure heart. You have it in you to do so much this week. All you gotta do is trust!

The first person you need to trust is yourself. Once you do so, everything falls into place with a beautiful cosmic synchronicity. Then trust that ‘The Universe’ has your back – and it will. Embibe the quality of trust within you – and see how it manifests miracles throughout your life!

Taurus October horoscope

Taurus: October horoscope

This is a week where your strength – of body, mind, and spirit shall be put to the test. The first thing you need to do is be mindful about your body, and what it’s trying to tell you. Do not ignore any aches or pains – something that may seem trivial, could actually escalate if left alone. Ensure that your body is nourished well, and you get enough exercise and sleep. Keeping your body harmonised can eliminate majority of the chaos around you.

Secondly, remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health. You are a strong person, perhaps but that doesn’t mean you have to lift all burdens on your own. Do not be afraid to ask for help – even if you just need someone to hear you out – ask for it. Speaking your mind to someone you trust can be therapeutic.

Gemini October horoscope

Gemini: October horoscope

Congratulations Gemini! You’ve survived another chaotic retrograde of your ruler, Mercury. It was a challenging past few weeks, but you made it through – so give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. However, this week is important for you to heal and recoup from the retrograde. The best way to do that is to ground and centre yourself. It’ll not only help keep things ‘stable’, but it’ll prevent you from flying off the handle, and chaos won’t escalate further.

To ground yourself can be as simple as making it a habit of walking on grass barefoot every morning. If that’s not possible, spend a couple of minutes with your eyes closed, focusing on the flow of your breath. Make sure you drink enough water and include a root vegetable with all meals if possible. It’ll work like a charm!

Cancer October horoscope


Dear Cancer, this is a week where you need to prioritise self-care. Yes, you have so many responsibilities, and so many people depend on you. However, like they teach us during the flight safety instructions – place the oxygen mask on yourself before you assist anyone else with theirs. Similarly, you can only truly take care of others around you if you have taken care of yourself first.

It’s also important that you start being gentle with yourself – especially when it comes to your self-talk. Constantly belittling or criticising yourself, or even living in a fear-based mental health space, can actually lead to sever debilitating effects on your body, mind, and soul. You deserve love – but you have to start loving yourself first.

Leo October horoscope


This week, dear Leo, is all about setting powerful boundaries. Remember, it’s totally okay to say ‘No’ to the unjust demands of others on your time and on your energy. You do not need to bend in order to make others feel better about themselves – always remember that! Saying ‘no’ isn’t a bad thing! It can actually be a powerful act of self-love!

Furthermore, take your time whilst making decisions – important, as well as, trivial ones. Trust yourself when you feel something is off. Demand that things be explained and re-explained to you before you make up your mind. Your choices can affect not only your life, but the lives of those around you – so choose wisely! If someone is pressuring you to make a decision – that’s a major red flag. Feel free to say ‘no’!

Virgo October horoscope

Virgo zodiac sign

First of all, breathe Virgo! Your ruler, Mercury, has finished it’s retrograde, and you survived it! Give yourself a personal high-five. Secondly, this is a week for you to devote to your friends and loved ones. Take time out of your busy schedule and spend some much needed quality time with them. Even catching up with your friends for a drink, especially those you haven’t met in ages, can be an incredibly healing experience.

Spending time with people we love can heal our hearts, lighten our load, as well as, help us evolve by discovering parts of ourselves we never knew. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and make a plan!

Libra October horoscope

Libra zodiac sign

Dear Libra, no one else can bring us joy and contentment. Happiness lies in our own hands. We are responsible for ourselves, and the more we expect others to constantly make us feel special about ourselves, the more we shall land up in a series of heartbreaks and disappointments.

This week, try being your own lover. Pamper yourself with a much needed trip to the salon (maybe even a spa weekend) and indulge away without a trace of guilt. If possible, try taking a solo vacation, and spend time re-connecting with yourself. It could perhaps be incredibly healing. Re-evaluate your relationships, and cherish the healthy bonds, and don’t be afraid to cut ties with toxic entities within your life.

Scorpio October horoscope

Weekly horoscope

For those of you who are in a relationship, this is a powerful time to work on healing any issues that have come up in the past, but have been brushed aside. Yes, it can be scary to bring up things from the past, but the sooner we face them and achieve a sense of closure, we can move on, and our relationships become all the more deeper and love-filled.

Those of you who are single, this is a week to reflect on past relationships and why they haven’t worked out. Yes, it can be messy to re-examine old wounds, but there are many lessons that are begging to be learned, not only for the sake of your own peace of mind, but also so that you don’t make those mistakes again with others. Who knows, maybe this healing can open your heart to invite your soul mate into your life!

Sagittarius October horoscope

Weekly horoscope: Sagittarius

This week, speak your mind! Yes, you are (in)famous for being honest to a fault, especially when it comes to opinions of others – but this isn’t about that! This is a week for you to be vulnerable and speak about what is truly bothering you, and what all is bringing you down. It’s okay to be positive, but suppressing your negative thoughts will only cause toxicity to fester within.

Whether it’s venting with your bestie over a couple of drinks, or speaking with a healer or a therapist – do it! There’s so much ‘gunk’ that needs to be emptied from your mind and your heart. Doing so will enable you to free yourself from the binds of your past, but will also enable you to welcome light and love into your life.

Capricorn October horoscope


This week, Capricorn, be gentle with yourself. You’re not perfect, but guess what, you don’t have to be perfect. You are worthy of love by being exactly the way you are – warts and all! You don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

A powerful affirmation for you this week, and even longer if you wish, is – ‘I am whole, complete, and perfect! I am worthy of love and I love myself exactly as I am!’ Say it three times a day, a minimum of three times. Write it down in a journal if you must. Whatever it takes for you to believe it whole heartedly – do it! It could have a powerful and magical effect in your life.

Aquarius October horoscope

Aquarius weekly horoscope

This is a powerful week for you to detox, Aquarius, from all toxic entities within your life. Be it habits, patterns, relationships, work situations, or even belief-systems – if they’re not serving your greater good, and are weighing you down, preventing you from being the best version of yourself – time to get rid of them!

Use your wise judgment to discern where to draw boundaries. Boundaries allow us to live wholesomely in our lives, without toxic elements invading our physical, mental, and spiritual spaces. However, if situations get too much to bear that even your boundaries begin to crumble – do not fear cutting cords. Some bridges are best burned – especially if it keeps trolls from catching up to us!

Pisces October horoscope

Pisces weekly horoscope

Dear Pisces, this is a powerful week, where the divine forces of ‘The Universe’ have important spiritual downloads for you that shall be sent through etheric channels. Important portals of joy, abundance, love, and prosperity are opening up to you. Whether you’re a believer, or even completely sceptical – do not be afraid of opening yourself to receive them.

You might be able to access these ‘downloads’ through your prayers and meditative practices. Pay attention to your dreams. If needed, keep a dream journal next to your bed, and note things down the minute you wake up every morning. Be mindful of all signs, symbols, omens, ‘convenient coincidences’ and even watch out for repetitive number sequences – especially (but not limited to) 111, 1111, 1010, 222, 2222, 333, 3333, 777, and 7777. Seeing them is a sign that you are in alignment and that your Angels are watching you!

This story was first published on Lifestyle Asia Singapore

written by.

Zorian Cross

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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