We uncover several upcoming local musicians that are making their mark in Singapore.

Music is the language of the soul, a universal dialect that expresses the deepest experiences in life. Many have found relevance in songs that trigger sentimental memories, while some seek solace in comforting beats. With a burgeoning demand for music, we have seen an influx of aspiring new artists across the globe, including Singapore.

Thanks to homegrown crooners like JJ Lin and Stephanie Sun, Singapore’s music scene has been spotlighted – offering greater exposure for these new upcoming local musicians. Who knows, you might find yourself adding their tracks to your playlist at the end of the article.

Rangga Jones

Tapping on the likes of Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean and Lauv, Indonesian-born Singapore-based artist, Rangga Jones melds exquisite melodies with his stunning vocals. The self-produced artist first forayed in music on YouTube with acoustic covers and original tracks. He then released an amalgamation of pop and R&B hits on music distribution platforms. With his God-given mesmerising vocals, Jones was shortlisted for the National Arts Council’s Noise Music Mentorship Programme in 2020, which catapulted his music career. Through the programme, he had the opportunity to perform his lo-fi inspired tracks at Scape and Esplanade’s annual series, All Things New.

Dru Chen

Dru Chen is a pop and soul singer-songwriter based in Singapore. Chen’s interest in music peaked after relocating from Melbourne – which propelled him to pursue a career in the industry. After years of honing his craft, the soul and pop singer debut with an album titled Mirror Work. The track garnered positive attention from the public, leading him to a contract with Warner Music. D’Angelo, Freddie Mercury and Jeff Buckley continue to be his main vocal inspirations. However, Dru also takes a more contemporary approach, drawing influences from artists such as Deon, Gentle Bones and Daniel Caesar.


As a Singapore DJ who has broken into the international spectrum, Manfred Lim, better known as Myrne started his career by uploading his songs and mixes into music sharing platform SoundCloud. His music career skyrocketed after his recruitment by American DJ Diplo. With bolstered confidence, Myrne pushed through and became the first Singaporean act to play at acclaimed dance festivals like Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland. Since then, he has played to thousands in his home circuit in Southeast Asia, China, and the United States — garnering global audiences of both fans and artists alike.


RENE first began her musical endeavour performing for school events and doing acoustic covers on YouTube. Inspired by Paramore, McFly and Haim, the singer-songwriter started creating and performing original tracks encompassing themes such as the vicissitudes of coming of age and personal relationships. Rene took a step forward and expanded her horizon by performing for events and in popular music venues like Timbre at the Substation.


Singer-songwriter Lewis Loh, better known as Lew, is renowned for his dulcet tone that embellishes his soothing vocals. The 24-year-old first established himself as one of Singapore’s up-and-coming local musicians when he captured the public’s attention with his rendition of Our Singapore that went viral on the Singapore Police Force Facebook page in 2015.

(Main image: Dru Chen; Featured image: Oscar Keys/ Unsplash)

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