Due to creeping gentrification and high rent, all we seem to hear about is the closure of our favourite restaurants and live music venues. Chef Andre’s leaving and the jazz scene, especially, has suffered. But as we bid goodbye to the greats like Montreux Jazz Cafe and B28, we’d like to remain optimistic about the future of jazz in Singapore. In fact, there are several good ones that have stuck we with us. Here’s what we have sound out.

Lulu’s Lounge

A current hotspot for jazz and burlesque.

What about it?

Characterised after a ’60s New York backstreet club, Lulu’s Lounge is everything you’d expect. Scrumptious bar grub like wagyu beef sliders and crab cakes, and strong cocktails that will take a hit on both your liver and wallet. But obviously, the music is the biggest pull here. Nights begin with live acoustics, which are later followed by a fancy burlesque show. Stay for the burlesque, and once you’re happy and inebriated, proceed to the nightclub that’s just next door.

Who will you be hearing?

The Aynsley Green Organ Transplant, saxophonist Kaye from Darker than Wax, and raucous folk who just want to have a good time.

The fine print.

Open four days a week at the Pan Pacific, from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Don’t turn up in slippers or shorts.


A gorgeous Italian restaurant that’s perfect for first dates and all special occasions.

What about it?

Once a place mainly for the bankers and their trophy dates, Monti has taken a new direction, and we are liking it. Taking inspiration from New York’s Birdland and Tokyo’s Blue Note, Monti offers nightly live jazz besides really good pasta, cold cuts and if you’re feeling it, omakase. The space is divided into both the restaurant and open-air rooftop terrace where a separate bar sits.

Who will you be hearing?

The music programme will feature regulars like Beverly Morata, Skye Sirena, Stephen Francis and Rob Collins. Expect classic jazz, blues, soul and skunk jive.

The fine print.

Open daily at 82 Collyer Quay. Bands rotate from Wednesday to Saturday, while a solo pianist will take the stage from Sunday to Tuesday.

Bob’s Bar

A semi-alfresco joint on tiny man-made island away from the hustle and bustle.

What about it?

Sentosa, where peacocks and 40kph speed limits rule, can be a little lame sometimes. But past its artificial facade, it has its charm, and gems like Bob’s Bar at the Capella will surprise you. Loosely modelled after Havana’s glory days and the hotel’s old world charm, Bob’s Bar is the only Cuban-inspired bar on Sentosa. The low profile, subdued lighting is intentional, and it gets even more so as the drinks go by. Imbibe rum and feast on Caribbean BBQ wings as the band serenades you. Be advised though, the place is easy to breeze by.

Who will you be hearing?

Fridays are reserved for the resident Latin jazz band, but during the rest of the week, you’ll be hearing a mix of acoustic, jazz and lounge.

The fine print.

Open daily at Capella Singapore from 12pm to 12am. On most days, the band will run from 5.30pm to 10.30pm. On Sunday, 3pm to 7pm.

Blu Jaz Cafe

Somewhere a little rowdy but down-to-earth. Good fried rice, too.

What about it?

Despite the lousy ban on shishas, Kampong Glam is still thriving, and that includes Blu Jaz. By day it’s a cafe, and by night, it turns into a rackety den of loud jazz, stand-up comedy and sometimes, spoken word poetry. Go to Blu Jaz if you feel like hanging out with real people and socialising over jugs of Tiger and plates of local food (read: sambal fried rice). Of course, there’s Mediterranean and all sorts of American junk food as well.

Who will you be hearing?

Blu Jaz hosts a large variety of bands that range from Latin and New Orleans to funk. Check out the schedule here.

The fine print.

Open Mondays to Saturdays at 11 Bali Lane, Kampong Glam.

Astor Bar

For the sophisticated old man in you.

What about it?

Named after John Jacob Astor IV, the founder of St. Regis, Astor Bar is all about an immersive atmosphere and impeccable service. The interior is a little old-fashioned for our taste, but you’ll stop caring once the music and alcohol hits. PS. Order the Chilli Padi Mary, a spicy twist on the famous St. Regis Bloody Mary, which was invented at the King Cole Bar in New York City.

Who will you be hearing?

Ron Sinclair, the bar’s celebrated jazz pianist and singer. He’s there daily from 6pm to 1am.

The fine print.

Open daily at The St. Regis. If you’re there from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, remember to ask about their Champagne Hour.

Grand Shanghai

A swanky gem created with a historical touch.

What about it?

Take a trip back in time to 1940s Shanghai and feast on drunken chicken, crispy eel and Peking duck before the old Chinese band. There are few better places in Singapore to congregate for live jazz and really good Chinese food.

Who will you be hearing?

A respectable trio or quartet belting out old Shanghainese jazz, slow blues and other Chinese numbers. Feel free to make a song request or two. The band plays

The fine print.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays at 390 Havelock Road, King’s Centre. The band plays four sets every night from 7.15pm to 10.30pm.

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