The realm of music is changing and evolving due to the advancement of technology.

One of the latest shifts in music involves engagement in the Metaverse, one which DJenerates is fully equipped and ready to cater to the needs of electronic music fans.

One of the fastest growing music communities in the Metaverse, DJenerates is supported by music legends such as Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi and more. The platform is also supported by major clubbing brands such as Amnesia Ibiza and Clubbing TV.

Now the platform has just taken a decisive and evolutionary step to bring Web3 engagement and NFT utility to the next level with a partnership with Moonwalk. DJenerates’ partnership with the NFT Utility and Web3 Communities platform for brands and creators is set to bring together NFT’s with community and music in a way that has never been explored before.

DJenerates will be utilising Moonwalk’s no-code platform to launch their branded DJenerates wallet, which will feature the Beetz social token, upcoming NFT collection launches, access to the DJenerates merch store and exclusive virtual and IRL events using Moonwalks NFT ticketing platform.

A Music Revolution

Djenerates Club Edition NFT
Djenerates Club Edition NFT

Last September, The DJenerates – Club Edition, a collection of 10,000 one-of-a-kind NFTs from the world of electronic music, sold out in four days upon release.  This new partnership with Moonwalk will no doubt to bridge the gap between DJs and artistes with their community in more excitable ways, which will serve to change the way how music is experienced and enjoyed.

“As we prepare for the rollout of Djenerates 2.0, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Moonwalk, who are providing us with a platform to deliver Web 3.0 utility to our community in a frictionless and engaging way,” explains Tim Meyer aka Hipworth, founder of the Djenerates NFT.

“With new DJs and artists such as Adam Beyer, Giovanni Ottiavani and more joining the stable of talent being immortalized on the blockchain through the Djenerates Superstars collection, Moonwalk offers a unique solution for connecting our artists with our community”

According to Moonwalk Co-Founder, Greg Consiglio, NFT’s are now providing music artists and entertainment properties around the world with new interesting ways to engage audiences and build communities both in real life and in the Metaverse. This partnership with Djenerates will bring together an incredible team of music industry pros and world-class artists to create unique experiences for electronic music lovers.

A New Way To Experience Music

A screenshot of the Djenerates mobile wallet

The Moonwalk platform drives community engagement and revenue by interconnecting branded social tokens and NFT’s with virtual and real-life experiences.  Through the platform, fans can earn or purchase NFTs, unlock eCommerce discounts, private social channels, and live event tickets.

For brands and creators, this partnership will offer the tools and elements needed to build and monetize Web3 communities. This includes a White-label Web3 Wallet enabling users to unlock the true value of their NFT’s and digital assets, enabling holders to access and purchase exclusive digital and real-world content.

Token-gated API’s will also help to integrate social, content, community, and shopping platforms to enable the NFT community to earn and spend through the digital wallet. Additionally, Moonwalks’ proprietary algorithms and smart contract system will allow the creation and minting of generative NFT collections and metaverse access keys.

Djenerates and Moonwalk will also serve to reward its community in real life with tickets, rewards, and discounts. Moonwalk’s Wallet seamlessly integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Pay, making a seamless connection between online engagement and real-world rewards along with NFT-gated access control.

(Images: Djenerates)

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