Comprising two musicians, Weish and Din, .gif is a local band that makes, in their own words, “rainy day downtempo” tunes. If we had to put their music in a playlist, it would definitely be in our after-hours bedroom jams.

.gif will be performing at Garden Beats 2018, happening on 3 March. We chat with the duo about their music and their future plans.

.gif, Din and Weish
Din (left) and Weish, photo by Jonathan Fong

What’s with the name? What does it mean or represent?

It was something we mused about a few years ago, at a time when the file format was just getting popular. We’ve always been fascinated with the gif… a haunting, infinite loop of a singular moment. A lot of our music works that way. The imagery in our lyrics is often recurring, as is our use of riffs and motifs across tracks.

Describe the creative process to me when you two are making music for .gif.

Din: Most of the time, we work independently in writing riffs / melodies / beats and when we think an idea is good enough, we’ll share it with one another. Then we’ll bounce files to and fro between us, building on it a little more every time, developing or editing or riffing on each others’ parts. Weish does all the lyrics though.

Have there been any creative differences? How do the both of you resolve them?

For sure. Generally speaking if we both can’t agree on an idea, we’ll scrap the idea and leave it behind and move on to a newer one. Easier that way than to argue.

What are the plans for a second album, if any, from .gif after your debut Soma?

Yup, there will definitely be something new coming out this year. Might be an EP, could be an LP, or maybe even both. We don’t really know yet. But there’ll be new material coming out this year for sure. We’ve been sitting on so many half-written tracks. Life always seems to get in the way just as we gain momentum.

We’ve recently both decided to clear some proper time and headspace for music in our lives, though, so change is definitely in the air.

Weish, you have many other musical projects besides .gif. How do you keep everything going?

Weish: It’s not so much the juggling between three music acts that’s tiring. I really love composing, collaborating, performing; it doesn’t even feel like work. Between sub:shaman, my own solo stuff as “weish”, and .gif, the joy of creation is the same. I can be the same person across all three projects.

What has been jarring for me is juggling music with my day job. I often end up bringing work to rehearsals, or forgetting meals, or losing track of dates and appointments. Between work commitments and rehearsals / gigs / recordings, I lose a lot of sleep. That’s a struggle that I will soon put an end to, though.

Din and Weish performing. Photo by Colossal Photos.

If you weren’t making music, what do you two reckon you would be doing for a living?

Both of us would probably be teaching? Or writing, in some form. We’re both nerds who studied Literature in university.

Any guilty pleasure music you two listen to? 

Din: That’s a really tough one. Weish has a weird affinity for Sean Paul and Craig David… and an undying soft spot for ‘N Sync. We both grew up listening to pop music in general, so we aren’t against pop music at all. Just maybe not the cringe-worthy EDM-laced stuff coming out at the moment.

What can we expect from you two at Garden Beats?

Our repertoire has always been very raw and personal, so I suppose… expect an honest and vulnerable performance, but not without some beats to dance to!

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Farhan Shah
Farhan believes that every man needs a good tailor and a better barber. You can usually find him at the gym, the bar or the poker table, usually all three in one night.

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