Indie Pop singer-songwriter, Yueku is approaching the release of his debut EP, ‘Somewhere Else’. Set for release on 30 July 2021, it marks the first solo project for Detroit pop writer and vocalist, Christian Koo, formerly of The True Blue.

As the band drifted apart in 2020 Chris saw himself explore his music repertoire. His music is said to  draw influence from the fateful affairs of 90’s rom-coms, Frank Ocean’s earnest confessionals, and the guileless charm of a Mike Birbiglia standup set.

Yueku artist
Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Yueku

In pursuit of his music, Yueku has also broadened his mind with his collaborative efforts. The EP features co-writes with Jake LeMond who is a member of Michigander, and co-produced and mixed by Nick Matzkows. Leading up to the launch, he has also released the title tracks ‘Mindreader’ and ‘Somewhere Else,’ These singles serve as the perfect teasers to what comes next at the end of July.

Leading up to the launch of his debut EP, we speak to Yueku to discover what he has in store for fans.

What can you tell us about your debut EP coming up?

It’s a collection of songs I wrote over the past year with my good friend, Jake LeMond. Personally, it serves as a time capsule and was a very necessary outlet for a tough year. It was fun to just sit with a friend and write some songs we loved. The songs feel like an accurate representation of who I am and where I’m at in life right now. I’m hoping people will connect with it any way.

What motivated you to embark on this new solo project?

I, alongside so many of us, had a lot of time to reflect last year and I wanted to see what working on my own would be like. This is me exploring that.

Yueku Mindreader
Yueku’s single ‘Mindreader’ is out now
How has the musical journey progressed for you over the course of the release of your previous singles?

The response has been amazing and honestly, that floored me. I’m thrilled to see that anyone has been able to connect with my music in some way. It’s all happened so fast regarding the release of the singles and being in and out of the studio. So, I guess I haven’t stopped to think about it much. I’m just happy to be completely swept up in making music.

How would you describe your sound?

Warm, dreamy pop with lots of varying textures and a quick pulse.

how was the experience collaborating with Jake LeMond and Nick Matzkows?

Working with those two is surreal. They’re both immensely talented and some of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met. Jake’s ear for melody and ability to give songs a narrative is something that has changed my entire approach to song writing and that really comes out in this EP. Working with Nick is so great because he makes the songs sound very full and can always take an idea I’ve described from my head and make it tangible. Nick’s taught me everything I know about production, and I continue to learn from him every time we get together.

What do you hope for this debut EP and what are your plans for your music moving forward?

I hope this EP is there for when someone needs it, or if they’re sharing an experience with a friend or partner and choose this as the soundtrack to said moment. I hope it can do for others what my favourite songs do for me.

Looking forward to writing more songs with more friends, getting back to live shows, and putting out more tunes. I want to spend as much time as I can making music for the rest of the year. For the rest of my life, really.

(Images: Yueku)

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Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Yueku Reveals More About His Debut EP
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