Indie pop duo, Talk Time has just released their second EP. Titled, ‘Necessary Evil’, the latest effort from singer-songwriter Edson Choi and multi-instrumentalist Mike Nissen from represents a deeper dive into catchy tunes with conscience.

According to Choi, the EP draws influences from bands such as Tears for Fears and The Police, which intercedes with their own blend of pop song writing. From the urgent opening track, ‘Dead Weight’, to the majestic title track ‘Necessary Evil’, this new EP takes the listener through a rich world of catchy riffs while consoling you into a hypnotic state.

‘Necessary Evil’ marks the latest chapter for Talk Time. It represents another milestone from both Choi and Nissen who made their debut in 2018. According to Choi, the duo’s unique perspective draws significantly from his “third culture kid” background, which renders introspective and thoughtful lyrics through big hooky choruses in a lush world of textures and riffs.

Those elements are rife throughout the duo’s tracks, especially the recent ones, leading up to their latest EP. Talk Time has impressed by releasing a pair of singles in the second half of this year. ‘Dead Weight’ and ‘Uturn’ feat. Caroline Kingsbury, were released in June and July respectively.

Music & NFTs

Talk Time necessary evil

Flexing their creative muscles beyond just music, the duo will also coincide the release of their second EP with a “CryptoMusicBox” limited edition NFT (non-fungible token).  The inspiration for this NFT series, says Nissen was inspired by classic music boxes, like the one owned by his grandmother.

“Growing up, I remember playing with a music box at my grandmother’s house. That tune is forever burned into my brain. The music box lives on at my mother’s house, and now when I hear it, it brings up fond memories from the past. I’m excited to bring that more personalized experience back into how we enjoy and interact with music.”

From NFTs to music, Talk Time seems to be on an upward trajectory in a true creative sense. We speak to both Choi and Nissen to find out more about their new EP, music and creative artforms.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you guys meet and ultimately decide on becoming a music duo?

We were both involved in different music projects throughout the years. But always thought one day we’d collaborate and make something together. The LA music scene has always been strong but can be super fickle. So,  when our respective bands ran their course we jumped on the opportunity to finally do something special together. And here we are!

Coming together three years ago, are you happy with your progress with your music today?

We’re grateful and proud of our first EP, ‘Year Of Self’. It was a sort of mission statement that launched everything for us. It was a great first step for us and really led the way into this upcoming EP. It’s a solid collection of thoughtful pop songs, if we can say so ourselves.

talk time

Your sound is unique, what was the inspiration going on this path of experimental pop?

We’ve always loved thoughtful pop—meaning well written catchy songs but that also have meaning and conviction behind it. Tears For Fears, Pink Floyd, and The Police were some of our earliest influences. That said, we have plenty of contemporary influences as well. There’s just something in that school of song writing that we’ve always felt akin to.

‘Necessary Evil’ is coming out this month. How does it feel having completed this full EP and what are your expectations for it?

Dude – it felt great to finally finish these tunes. Personally, they’re so much more mature and fully cooked than our first batch of songs, and they stand together as a whole so well. It was written before the pandemic, but the themes of overcoming turbulence are even more relevant now. As far as expectations we’re not sure but we full heartedly believe in these songs and that anybody who are fans of solid pop tunes will appreciate the layers and spirit of this EP.

The launch coincides with artist edition NFTs. Can you tell us more about this NFT release and why Talk Time decided to embark on this route?

For us NFTs are a fun new space to play around creatively and get outside the normal release grind. Along with the EP, we will be releasing the ‘CryptoMusicBox’ limited edition NFT series in collaboration with five visual artists.  Each artist will give their own approach on a modern day “music box”, inspired by and audio-reactive with the songs from the album.

‘CryptoMusicBox’ is a series of digital, physical, and augmented reality (AR) collectibles, with only 32 music boxes (editions) available for each song.  This NFT series plays on the nostalgia of the classic music box and transforms it into a modern day collectible art piece to display in one’s home.

For the physical aspect of the project, each NFT purchase comes with a poster print that activates a unique AR experience that brings the music box to life in their room while playing the corresponding song.

‘Necessary Evil’ is out now. Discover more about Talk Time here.

(Images: Talk Time)

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