When you come a family who has had successes in music, breaking into the ‘business’ can be an arduous task. But this is an issue, Pink Laces doesn’t have as he carves his own pathway towards a musical career.

Pink Laces is the alter-ego of 20-year-old Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg, the nephew of Mark Wahlberg and son of Donnie Wahlberg. But that isn’t the story here. Its more about the artist’s venture into music, which continues with his new single ‘Paradigm’.

pink lacesThe new single hints of what is to come from the artiste. The song is a high energy anthem, featuring a glossy blend of electro-rock and psychedelic-pop. It teases a musical direction for the 20-year-old as he sets about completing his forthcoming debut album ‘Disclosures’.

Pink Laces initially began as duo, before it evolved into Wahlberg’s singular musical identity. The ‘Shelf Life’ EP introduced him to the world in 2020 and although that was just a year ago, he proves that he has continued to evolve, and above all else proves there is plenty more to come.

The name Pink Laces, does it signify anything personally for you?

If you asked me a year ago, I’d probably say it’s just another band name with no real meaning, but now I feel like it’s synonymous with who I am especially when I’m in that creative state. Calling me Pink Laces is essentially no different from calling me Elijah these days.

Music seems to run through the family. Did you gain insights or advice from your uncle and father about breaking into music?

Getting into music seemed like an innate thing. I was born interested in it. The biggest thing I inherited was his ear. I feel like my attention to detail is my best asset which I had to refine, of course, but I also inherited it for sure.

Does music run deep in the family?

Definitely. My mom was always playing piano or singing in the house, my dad was always doing his own thing and my brother is a super good songwriter. There was essentially no escaping music growing up.

pink laces paradigm
‘Paradigm’ is the latest single from Pink Laces
Based on ‘Paradigm’, your music has a unique mix of electro-rock and synth-pop, how did you come up with this sound?

Landing on my genre was kind of like the sorting hat from Harry Potter. I didn’t really choose to create the music that I do. It just happened organically honestly. Almost as if I’d closed my eyes and drew on a sheet of paper.

Who would you say are the greatest influences in your music?

Daft Punk without question. I definitely make music that sounds nothing like them but somehow listening to them just makes me want to make music no matter what type. Genre-wise, guys like Tame Impala and Danger Mouse had a huge influence on me.

What was the musical process like for you in collaborating and creating this LP?

The only rules I set for myself during the process was to enjoy the process. I want the records I make to sound like I had fun making them. I think when you bring that energy into a creative space, it’s contagious and everybody ends up having a great time in the end.

How long did you work on it?

Production for ‘Disclosures’ started around summer of 2020. So about a year.

What inspired ‘Disclosures’ and what does the album represent for you both personally as well as an artist?

I think compared to Shelf Life it shows a lot of change. And I think for me as a person, it represents my first big step into something I love. and as an artist, it’s complicated. I love the album, but it represented me more as I was making it than it does after the fact. But it still is a part of me at the end of the day if that makes sense.

What are your expectations and hopes for it?

Well I hope people like it, of course. But I don’t want to set myself up.

Listen to Pink Laces’ ‘Paradigm’ here.

(Photos: Sarah Carpenter)

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