Picking the right Netflix show to keep you engaged and thrilled for the next episode is not easy considering the vast array of choices the popular service has to offer. It’s all the more disappointing when you start a show and midway you realize it has lost it’s grip on you. To make this less painful for you, we have prepared a list of a few top Netflix shows that might be worth your time.

The OA

Something close enough to Stranger Things, this show first aired in 2016 to amaze audiences and leave them in a cloud of bewilderment. This show follows the plot of a blind girl who loses her parents at a very young age, only to return back home 7 years later, with restored eyesight and certain freakish abilities. A mysterious scar on her back is something she can’t explain or not willing to. Either way people around her think she could be a miracle, or danger. As you binge through this series, you will develop heights of empathy for its characters while still trying to figure out the protagonists motives.


This series starring Jason Bateman from Horrible Bosses sees him in a role, quite different from his usual ones. In Ozark, Marty (Bateman), plays the role of a Chicago-based financial advisor in charge of money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. Getting The Accountant vibes? That’s because the creators of this show made the movie. Unlike Ben Affleck’s odd portrayal of the autism spectrum in the film however, Bateman here is a relatively well-adjusted family man, who out of fear for his family’s security, relocates them to the Missouri Ozarks. Migrating to the new location does not necessarily mean peace for the family. Things get ugly.


This psychosexual drama starring Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway shows the story of a therapist who crosses the boundary of her work ethics. We go to therapists with the hopes of confiding in them, because we know they keep matters to themselves, or do they? With all the intimate secrets they know about their patients, they possess a power over them that often goes unchecked. Jean Holloway is one such person, except she uses all this to try and invade the personal spaces of her patients, manipulating them to satisfy her deepest, darkest desires. Brace yourselves for some explicit content.


At the 8.30am screening of Okja at the Cannes Film Festival, audiences booed. Thankfully, it was only due to technical issues at the screening and once the movie started playing, the audiences settled down and it’s safe to assume they were touched. Okja tells the story of an MNC that reveals their plan to genetically engineer and breed superpigs. Twenty-six of the best pigs are sent to locations around the world and 10 years later, one is crowned the winner and hunted down to be consumed. But in 10 years a lot can happen between an animal and its owner, in this case Okja and Mija. When the company manages to retrieve their superpig, Mila is willing to risk everything and go to the United States to save her best friend. This action-packed movie with a great cast of Western and Eastern actors, touches on the issue of late-capitalist greed. 

The Standups

Over the last few months Netflix has funnelled their money into comedy projects and more specifically standup comedy. A good strategy by the already dominating service to corner the comedy market and one that we certainly enjoy. The Standups is Netflix’s way of continually building on this strategy. It is a series with six half-hour specials “packed with sly jokes, hilarious anecdotes and awkward confessions.” They may be new faces but after this, could easily turn into your personal favourites.

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