Everybody’s playing Pokemon Go now that it’s finally available in Singapore, from older folk being taught by their children to little ones who weren’t there for Pokemon’s first wave of games. Unfortunately, while Professor Willow helps with the basics, he doesn’t really give you the advice you need to become a super effective player. So before you get too lost in the game and develop some bad gameplay habits, check out these tips below.


Save your battery power

Pokemon Go is a battery drain. If you want to stay out hunting Pokemon as long as you can, you’ll need to take action. There are multiple little ways you can cut down on your battery usage. Going offline on Google maps is a big one, as is turning off augmented reality. While you’re at it, get a decent quality portable charger.

Use the weak to fuel the strong

As much as the hordes of Zubat, Rattata and Weedle are super annoying, don’t just ignore them. A fast way of leveling up is to catch, evolve and transfer these weaker Pokemon. As your trainer level goes up, you’ll start finding stronger Pokemon. Those are the ones you’ll want to keep and train.

Don’t forget the eggs

You have an infinite-use incubator. Remember to always have an egg inside so you’re not wasting your walk to work, the walk to lunch or even the walk to the bathroom.

Thin the herd

If you’re running out of space for your items, dump some of your potions and revives. It’s easy enough to get more of those again from Pokestops if you need them and it’s better to save space for Pokeballs.

Use math

If you don’t want to leave it to chance, there are websites that will tell you if your Pokemon are worth evolving or if you should just transfer them and save the candy for a better one. Poke Assistant is one of them.

Prior Planning

Use a Lucky Egg right before you hatch a bunch of eggs or evolve multiple Pokemon so you make full use of those 30 minutes.

Be a team player

Don’t spend all your time on just one Pokemon. In gym battles, you can take up to six Pokemon into a fight and switch between them. Build up a reliable team of Pokemon, so you’re not left floundering when your powerhouse is down for the count while your opponent has decent backups.  

Be careful

People have gotten injured in their attempts to catch Pokemon, and players have even found dead bodies. This is meant to be fun, so don’t let it turn into a horror story.


Here are some of the best places to go in Singapore so far for Pokemon, Pokestops and gyms. These high-traffic areas are also the places fellow players tend to drop lures, so take advantage of that. 

Braddell MRT Pokestop

1) MRT stations

2) Orchard Road

3) Chinese Gardens

4) Playgrounds

5) Changi Airport

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