Characters were assassinated, policies were debated and mud was slung over the past 10 days as we geared up to head to the polls yesterday. When the dust settled and the ballots totalled, the PAP took close to 70 per cent of the votes – up from 60.1 per cent the previous general elections – and 83 of the 89 seats contested. The WP took the remaining six seats.
GE2015 also marks the first time in three decades that neither veteran opposition figures Chiam See Tong nor his wife Lina Chiam will be in Parliament.
While General Elections tend to be sombre affairs, there were a few funny and light-hearted moments. We’ve rounded up some of the best social media postings showcasing the lighter side of Singaporeans and the GE2015 results.

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Satirical illustration by A Good Citizen, depicting PAP’s win at East Coast GRC.
Dear #PAP candidates, please remember the lowest % score win tonight will have a great chance to be our next Transport Minister. #GE2015
— Fake PM Lee (@Fake_PMLee) September 11, 2015

Drinking game’s new rules: Take a shot every time someone says “humbled”, “mandate” and “national swing”. Then go to @ClubKYO. #GE2015
— Adam Kerr M S (@urbanexperiment) September 11, 2015

Pundit: Singaporeans must really hate alliteration: Cheo Chai Chen, Han Hui Hui, Samir Salim lose deposit; Lee Li Lian loses seat. #GE2015
— Fake Straits Times (@FakeSTcom) September 11, 2015

“Aljunied results”: a new inclusion in our Singlish lexicon, meaning “late night”. E.g. “I study until Aljunied results come out!” #GE2015
— Fake Straits Times (@FakeSTcom) September 11, 2015

I am deeply shocked by the #GE2015 results. HOW DID HAN HUI HUI GET 10% OF THE VOTE?! #sgelections
— mrbrown (@mrbrown) September 11, 2015

My take on #PotongPasir result: The new condos along Upper Serangoon Road. #GE2015
— Mr Miyagi (@miyagi) September 11, 2015

Cover photo from Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page

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