So, what does perfection mean to me?  Well hopefully what I see as perfection in my eyes is different to what you see in yours.

 In today’s world of homogenous images depicting the stereotype of the “perfect” world that we should live in, it is becoming more important to be diverse. We should not be afraid to challenge the images and information that is thrown at us. Instead, we should seek our own perfection.

 If our own perfection can ever be achieved, I argue that it is only for a very brief moment.  For me, I believe the key is to notice when these moments occur and remember to cherish them. Remember these moments to re-live every intricate detail of it with your friends and loved ones, so that they add on to your memories.

 For some of you, these moments may be similar to mine. Have you ever had that impromptu drink with a friend one evening, not realizing the time until you end up dancing through the morning? Perhaps you remember the sunrise that begun just as you took those final steps to the top of a 19,000ft mountain?  Or maybe encounter the most beautiful girl at a bookstore who potentially had the same dreams and desires as you?

 These moments come and go and part of me wishes that I could relive them every day. But then I know they’d lose their novelty.  That perfect moment only exists at very brief instants.  Once the moment passes, human nature motivates us to replicate or better those experiences and maybe making new accidental discoveries along the way.

 So the next time you have 5 minutes to spare, grab some bourbon biscuits, sit back with a cup of tea or coffee and reflect upon perfect moments you’ve had in your life. Then, dare yourself to create new ones.

-Gareth Wilce

written by.

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