Totting a Canon SX240, Ludovico Giella reveals how perfection is found in the little things in life.

Perfection is an attribute of the divine. We are not perfect and no matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to create something perfect or be perfect ourselves.

 That’s the sad news.

The good news is that we encounter perfection on a daily basis. We do so during moments when everything seems to be in place. Moments when there’s the right mood and the right people who are simply doing what we really want to do.

Therefore, perfection is a Monday’s sunset on a beach. When your world is back on track after you have just spent the day sunbathing, reading a book and thinking that after all, being in Asia is great.

Perfection is thinking of making a hard decision that will take you away from your comfort zone; looking up in the sky and see a kite all alone and free as many of us will never be caught in our daily 9-to-6 routine, and understand that it is time to go.

Perfection is sharing a giant pizza with your closest friends, recalling all the good memories and laughing like kids without any worry.

 Perfection is sharing a homemade meal and a glass of red wine with your loved one after having being apart for three months: even the simplest food tastes much better.

 And yes, in life’s game, we should never take ourselves too seriously. Perfection is having one of those local spicy meals that my European stomach can’t handle. When I start to sweat and run home thinking that this time I won’t make it. I’d go flying through the house untill I reach the bathroom just to make a shout of relief to entire world, “Yes, I made it! I’m safe!”

 Although these situations only last for a glimpse of an eye, we actually experience perfection. Then we go back to normal life, waiting for the next one.

-Ludovico Giella

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