After an excruciatingly long wait, The Division is finally within reach. Set to be launched on March 8, Tom Clancy’s The Division is tipped to be one of the most expansive open world shooters yet. For those of you who’ve played the beta, you’ll know that the game expertly simulates a chaotic metropolis. For those of you who are unacquainted, here are a few things that may convince you to pick up a copy.

It’s Absolutely Ruthless

Firstly (and most importantly), the game affords you the freedom to create alliances between players. Therefore, you can team up with a few of your buddies to roam the lawless city, killing and looting hostiles (AI) along the way. However, looting between players is possible as well, so you better watch your six.

Decent Story

A smallpox pandemic has spread across the country, crippling the government as the nation descends into chaos. As part of the Strategic Homeland Division (or The Division for short), you are tasked to independently combat whatever threat may arise from the outbreak. Given direct orders from the POTUS himself, you are to do whatever it takes to prevent the fall of society, piece the city (Manhattan) back together, and save what remains. Get the chills yet?

Sprawling Map Size

With the incredible graphics and intricate gameplay, I was prepared to be disappointed with the map size. The beta didn’t help either, considering a substantial area of the map was locked down. Thankfully, a kind YouTuber did the math and found out that the final map will be about as big as the maps in GTA V and Fallout 4. So yes, that means the map is going to be pretty big. Check out the video here:

The Dark Zone

Here’s where it gets exciting. The Dark Zone is where the authorities gathered the sick when the pandemic first hit. They brought in the best professionals and equipment to come up with a cure but quickly realised it was beyond them. Things got pretty nasty and the military had to be called in to suppress the issue. Unfortunately they had to pull out because of overwhelming conditions, leaving their best equipment behind. Players can choose to venture into the dark zone solo or as a team to capitalize on the aforementioned weapons and equipment left behind. Watch your back though, you’re not the only one with this brilliant plan.

Watch this video to find out more about the Dark Zone:

The Division launches 8 March 2016. Get your copy here.

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