If you’ve been under a rock this whole year and missed all the viral videos that have been going around (like the infinite variants of Drake’s Hotline Bling), then you should probably spend the last two days of the year binging on YouTube videos. Here are five of the year’s most memorable clips to get you started.

Johnnie Walker project

This video is probably the best I’ve seen this year. It’s a hauntingly beautiful spec ad written by students about a pair of brothers that manages to drive home its message perfectly. Fair warning: it leaves not a dry eye in the house. Without spoiling too much for you, this video will make you want to grab a bottle of your favourite whisky and share it with your brother (literal or figurative). Sláinte!

One minute time travel

Have you ever encountered a situation where you wish you could just go back one minute in time to say or do something differently? This clever little short film, directed by Devon Avery explores exactly that. It follows an average-looking guy trying to woo a beautiful blonde lady sitting on a park bench. It is quirky and funny, yet has a pretty dark and twisted undertone. Overall, it is a very interesting take on time travel.

Man builds hut from scratch in wilderness

For lack of a better word, this video seems a bit drab at first but give it a chance. It has no music or narration, but what it lacks in editing it makes up in substance. The video is about a man building a wattle and daub hut with nothing but his bare hands. He even makes his own tools and a fully functioning oven! Chew on that, Bear Grylls.

Little kid breaks board in Taekwondo

Martial arts is an important part of life. It teaches you about determination, respect and discipline. And what better way is there to exemplify those facets than a video about a little kid trying his best to break a board? Hilarious yet adorable, this little kid reminds us of the age-old mantra: “If at first you don’t succeed…”

Stop a Douchebag

If you think drivers in Singapore are abhorrent, you haven’t seen what goes on in Russia. Stop a Douchebag or StopHam, is a Russian non-profit organization that opposes traffic violations and road rage. Basically, they are a group of vigilantes that go around preventing traffic violations (like people driving on sidewalks to bypass a congested road). The group is infamous for placing huge stickers on the windshields of non-compliant drivers. The justice you will witness is absolutely satisfying.

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