So you love brunching at cafes…but are the pancakes and bacon starting to show their damage on your body? Well let Afterglow help you out with that. Located on Keong Siak Road, this restaurant will allow you to dine in style while being health-conscious. Plant-based diets are often misunderstood as only consisting of simple salads and other minimal dishes. However, at Afterglow, eating raw vegetables has never felt so insta-worthy. As raw-vegan food is one of the rarest cuisines in Singapore, Afterglow is a must try for anyone looking for something new and interesting. For those less willing to jump straight into raw-vegan world, there are many baked, grilled and cooked options as well. Sourcing their food from local and Thai farmers, Afterglow builds their dishes completely from scratch, ensuring that what you see in your plate is of the best quality. The prices can be a bit steep, but sometimes you just owe it to your body to have some wholesome goodness.

Raw Vegan Nut ‘Cheese’ Platter

I started with the nut ‘cheese’ platter and boy did it take me by surprise. Creamy in texture and robustly flavored, you would never believe the cheese dip is raw and vegan. Rich in probiotics, it is extremely healthy as well. The crackers were crunchy and were a perfect pair for the dip.

Raw Vegan Nut ‘Cheese’ Platter ($14)

Teriyaki ‘Meat’balls 

The Teriyaki Meatballs were the second appetizer I tried and these were also a pleasant surprise. The meatballs are made with marinated mushrooms and walnuts, paired with a vegan mayonnaise that is made with macadamia and cashew nuts. Exploding in flavor and having a strong consistency, we were told many men have confused these with actual meat.

Teriyaki ‘Meat’balls  ($14)

Raw Crispy Lasagne 

The first main I tried was the Raw Crispy Lasagne. Instead of pasta, thinly sliced zucchini sheets were used to layer the dish. The layers are surrounded by cashew nut cream cheese, pine nuts, mixed herb pesto, crispy dehydrated tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms and other raw ingredients. Although light and fresh, the flavors mixed wonderfully to create a one of a kind dish. I will point out that by the end of the dish I didn’t feel completely satisfied yet, so this is something to be ordered with other dishes as well. 

Raw Crispy Lasagne ($22)

The Cuban Burger

The Cuban Burger was the only non-raw dish I tried. The grilled patty is made of black beans. Tasty, but a bit dry. This was made up for by the rich salsa that was exquisite. Definitely one of the more filling options on the menu. ($20)

Chocolate Salted ‘Caramel’ Fudge

To finish off my meal I had a taste of their best-seller, the Chocolate Salted ‘Caramel’ Fudge. Although extremely rich, this one definitely hit the right spot. This one is made with raw-avocado and raw-cocoa fudge, layered on a medjool dates infused walnut crust, topped with rich tahini, vanilla, honey and infused with cold-pressed coconut oil. Warning: if you don’t like coconut stay away.

Chocolate Salted ‘Caramel’ Fudge ($12.5)

Their locally sourced coffee and juices are a must try as well. The restaurant also displays local and international healthy and organic products.

Afterglow is located at 24 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089131

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