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30 months cured Iberico shoulder, $19

Known for their love for food, Argentines often organise their social gatherings around the concept of sharing a meal together. But what’s the cuisine of the country with the second highest immigration number (USA holds the throne at number one) like? That’s the burning question we hoped to have answered when we made our way down to boCHINche, the spiffy Argentine outpost locared at Martin Road (just above Common Man Coffee Roasters). The restaurant is a collaboration between Cynthia Chua of the Spa Esprit Group as well as chef Diego Jacquet, a Buenos Aires native who’s behind the two London restaurants Casa Malevo and Zoilo

 While the restaurant can hardly be considered new (it’s been over a year since it first opened its doors), both its menu and venue have seen a major rehaul that puts it back in the culinary spotlight. The menu and portion sizes, we’re told, have been refreshed to cater to local appetites and expectations. The result is simpler, heartier plates that are big on flavour. 

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Light, creamy and delightfully piquant is the chilled pea soup from the Cold Bar with croutons, yoghurt and raw shallots, $8

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Bife ancho, a 300g beef rib eye steak that’s one of the more authentic Argentine dishes, $55

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 And to accompany the grilled meats or asado as it is known to the Argentines, is the chimichurri sauce – herbs, garlic and vinegar – and unlike most chimichurri sauces, the Argentines do not include chili in their version

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 The Chimichurri Bloody Mary 

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 Here we present to you the hand-cut triple-cooked “Provenzal” chips, $10

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 Classic Provoleta, almonds and oregano honey, $15

The restaurant space is kept largely the same apart from the incorporation of grocer of sorts located at the restaurant front. Patrons are able to waltz into the restaurant to grab some specialised Argentine products such as the country’s famed dulce de leche and 30 days cured meats. A wide selection of Argentine wines are also on display for purchasing. 

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The rest of the restaurant remains status quo with its airy, modern decor. The atmosphere is on the posh side with a touch of rustic from its eclectic combination of leather-bound counter stools and aged wooden furniture. We reckon we’ll be back to check their brunch menu out. 

boCHINche is located at 22 Martin Road, #02-01 (just above Common Man Coffee Roasters), tel. 6235 4990

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boCHINche: A Taste of Argentina
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