Investors and collectors today have been known to pay thousands of dollars for limited edition bottles of alcohol. However, even hardcore, ultra-rich buyers will have to take a double take on this limited edition rum from Dictador.

Priced at USD1.5 million, it’s clearly the most expensive rum to hit the market. However, it’s not just the rarity of the spirit but also what comes packaged with each bottle. The Dictador M-City Golden Edition will feature a 24-carat gold bottle, personalised by artist M-City and will also include an experiential trip to the distillery in Cartagena, Columbia where buyers will create their own one-of-a-kind blend of aged rum.

The uniqueness of the bottle and this initiative is par for course for a brand like Dictador. As a renowned spirit producer, it has been known for boldly challenging conventions by merging the realms of fine spirits, style, culture and art. In this exclusive interview with AugustMan, Hernan Parra, a third-generation rum producer and Master Blender reveals more about the uber expensive rum from Dictador.

Where does rum fit in the world of ultra-luxury spirits? Is it a segment that’s seen more interest?

Rum holds a significant position in the world of ultra-luxury spirits, although it may not always receive the same level of attention as other spirits like whisky or cognac. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in investment-grade, luxury rum among connoisseurs and collectors. Most rums focus on age and drinkability but Dictador is the thought leader in the category. The rarity, potential resale values, extraordinary complexity, and rich history of Dictador have contributed to its appeal in the luxury spirits market.

What are the blue-chip prospects for an ultra-aged rum?

Aged rum presents excellent blue-chip prospects due to its vintage, rarity, craftsmanship, and unique flavour profiles. Just like aged whiskies and fine wines, ultra-aged rum develops complex characteristics over time, resulting in a premium product that appeals to discerning collectors and enthusiasts. The scarcity of well-aged rums further enhances their desirability and investment potential. With Dictador we focus also on the artistic qualities of our collaborations and design as well as our expertise in developing NFT’s and our DAO. We also provide access to our liquids that many Scotches can’t match.

What makes Dictador stand out in this realm?

Dictador stands out in the world of rum due to several distinctive factors. Dictador employs high-quality, locally sourced virgin sugar cane and an elaborate distillation process using both pot and column stills to create their spirits. Only the finest wood is used to mature the product in a unique coastal climate on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Finally, the emphasis on craftsmanship, attention to detail, art-house collaborations and credentials, limited editions and dedication to producing exceptional rums contribute to their distinctiveness in the market.

USD1.5 million is a hefty price for a bottle. Were you surprised it was able to fetch this price?

The price starts from USD1.5 million for a bottle of rum and it allows the client to visit Colombia to work with us on producing their unique rum encased in a one off bottle depicting a unique geographic location, the idea being curated by famed street artist M-CITY.  It is important to consider that this price reflects various factors such as uniqueness, exclusivity, age, packaging, and the perception of value among collectors and high-end consumers.

The auction or sale of luxury spirits often attracts wealthy individuals who appreciate the limited nature and rarity of such offerings. In addition, esteemed clients of M-CITY Golden Edition bottle have the delightful opportunity to adorn the resplendent gold surface with an exquisite array of unique stones, handpicked to match their individual preferences or even mark a specific spot on the map.

The sale of each bottle is by invitation-only. How does the brand decide who gets the opportunity?

Dictador’s invitation-only approach allows the brand to carefully select its clientele and maintain an exclusive and luxury image. The decision on who gets the opportunity to purchase the investment-grade spirits is based on factors such as how this person is connected to a particular city, ranging from being born there, to their contributions and achievements for the city, along with a high-net-worth status.  The brand aims to cater to a select audience who aligns with its values and can appreciate the rarity and quality of its products.

Who in your opinion is the target consumer for the M-CITY x Dictador Golden Edition?

M-CITY x Dictador Golden Edition is estimated to be worth an astonishing one billion dollars on completion, this extraordinary collection has taken the art world by storm. The target consumer for this collection would likely be a combination of art enthusiasts, luxury spirit collectors, and individuals who appreciate unique collaborations.

This limited edition release appeals to those who value both the artistic expression of M-CITY’s work and the exclusivity of luxury spirits. It caters to individuals seeking a distinctive and memorable experience that combines art and investment-grade spirits. It offers an exclusive experience for elite art connoisseurs. Participants can create personalized blends of aged rum during a visit to Dictador’s Cartagena distillery. Each bottle is adorned by an image curated by M-CITY with a 24-carat gold depiction of a significant city map.

Dictador Rum M-City Golden CitiesDictador is one of the few spirit brands that leverage off art collaborations. Why is this synergy essential to the brand?

The Dictador “ArtDistilled” venture celebrates the intersection of artistic expression and meticulous craftsmanship. It is deeply influenced by the collaborative synergy that emerges when artists join forces, appreciating each other’s work and creating a harmonious fusion. As a master blender, I provide meticulously crafted and unique blends of rum, while the artist lends their creative prowess to design extraordinary bottles that encapsulate the essence of our shared vision. 

Each artist infuses their unique style and creativity into the creation process, resulting in captivating designs that adorn the exclusive offerings from Dictador. For example, the M-CITY collaboration allows the brand to create a unique synergy that sets it apart from other spirit or even art and design brands.

By incorporating art into their packaging or brand identity, Dictador enhances the overall experience and storytelling associated with their products. Art collaborations can help attract a wider audience, create a sense of exclusivity, and add aesthetic value to their offerings, further reinforcing Dictador’s position in the luxury spirits market.

Do you feel that today’s consumers and collectors want more out of their investable spirits?

Absolutely! Today’s consumers and collectors are increasingly seeking more than just the liquid inside the bottle when it comes to investable spirits. They desire a complete experience that includes rarity, craftsmanship, storytelling, packaging, and sometimes even artistic collaborations.

Collectors want to own and showcase unique bottles that evoke emotions and hold significant cultural or artistic value. This shift in consumer preferences has led to the rise of investment-grade, luxury spirits, where the product itself becomes a form of art and a reflection of the owner’s taste and status.

(Images: Dictador)

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Dictador Reveals Million Dollar Rum And Its Worth More Than Its Weight In Gold
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