As luxurious as sipping sumptuous whisky from a rocks glass feels, the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky has found a way to make the experience even more luxurious by melding the worlds of potent potables and fashion in their newest range, the Glenfiddich Grand Series. Elevating ordinary moments of celebration to extraordinary ones, the Glenfiddich Gran Reserva, Grand Cru and Grande Couronne; each imbued with intriguing and indulgent finishes, express an unexpected marriage of luxury and tradition when Asia’s premier fashion designers tap on these waters of life as muse for their most sophisticated couture creations.

Bringing to life the grandeur of the three distinct expressions of the Grand Series, Glenfiddich worked in partnership with talented Singapore-based fashion designers, Frederick Lee, Max Tan and Jamela Law and Lionel Wong of Baëlf Design on The Grand Runway. Exploring the essence and intricacies encapsulated in each single malt through the realm of fashion, Lee, Tan and the duo of Law and Wong explored three Glenfiddich’s three Grand expressions:

Fashion meets whisky in Glenfiddich’s Grand Seres

Gran Reserva
Raised in Scotland. Roused by the Caribbean

Adding an indulgent finishing touch to any moment, the Gran Reserva is a single malt first mellowed for 21 years in meticulously selected American and European oak casks and then finished in casks used previously to age Caribbean rum for six. Hence, some cask influence in the form of tropical fruit and spicy ginger to be found in here: the liquid builds to a crescendo of sweet toffee and spicy exotic warmth. Encased in a vibrant, deep amber packaging and reminiscent of the warm hues of beach sunsets complete with Caribbean-inspired illustrations, the Gran Reserva is a blend of tradition and rebellion. Not overly woody yet lively, Glenfiddich’s Gran Reserva 21 is easy to appreciate even for first timers.

Grand Cru
The finest flavours from Scotland and France fused through the art of experimentation

If experimental flair is what you’re looking for, Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23 Year Old is daring and unexpected. A single malt initially aged in American and European oak casks, before being moved over to rare French cuvée oak casks, this is an expression that redefines moments of celebration with true luxury and elegance. It is the first and only Glenfiddich expression to be finished in such casks. Corked in a bottle of black glass embellished with gold foil, its lavish exterior offers hints of the indulgence that awaits. Lifting the palate with notes of baked goods and fresh fruit, this masterpiece of whisky-making exudes elegance on the nose while bringing sophisticated richness to the palate; Layers of rich vanilla oak, sweet brioche, sandalwood, pear sorbet, and white grape climaxes with a long, opulent, and sweet finish, the finest flavours from Scotland and France have been fused together through the art of experimentation.

The Grand Series perfectly encapsulates Glenfiddich’s spirit of innovation and our ability to experiment with aged liquid and intriguing finishes. Grande Couronne is the latest to exemplify that approach. – Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman

Grande Couronne
The crowning glory to your celebrations

Grande Couronne, meaning crown in French, seals the promise of the pleasure to come; the pinnacle of the night’s revelry. A rich and surprisingly spicy nose, gives way to gentle barrel char notes driven by the primary casking and notes of fresh apple, orange peel; rich and regal, this whisky is aged for 26 years before receiving an extended finish of two years in rare French cognac casks, painstakingly sourced in limited quantities. Unveiling exquisite layers of sweet toasted oak and velvety aromas, the Grande Couronne is the piece de resistance of the Glenfiddich Grand Series. Secured with a 26-sided gold closure and adorned with gold filigree, each bottle holds the key to unparalleled magnificence, nestled in beautiful packaging embellished with fresco artwork.

Whisky-inspired fashion: The Grand Runway

Drawing upon the personalities of each expression, the designers then conceptualised three bespoke garments, experimenting with various silhouettes, materials and colours to conjure the sensibilities of the grand series:

  • In creating the Gran Reserva look, Lee sought Cuban influences, incorporating elements of antlers and feathers to create a terrestrial yet dramatic concept in a fascinating mix of exoticism and celebration.
  • Using bold and contrasting elements, Tan tailored a menswear-inspired garment for the Grand Cru look to evoke a sense of mystery and androgyny.
  • To bring to life the sheer splendour of the Grande Couronne, Law and Wong triumphantly captured the complexity and power of the expression with cutting-edge innovation to unveil a show-stealing sensual and dynamic look.

Whisky has never been sexier.

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Jonathan Ho

Managing Editor
Jonathan Ho might have graduated with a business degree but he thumbed his nose at commerce and instead opted for a harder life in journalism. He edits Augustman, a title he first joined when he became a writer after a career in advertising and now, earns a living writing commentaries on the luxury industry.
Glenfiddich’s Grand Series Melds Fashion With Whisky
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