Innovation and advancement is part and parcel of any industry, even one as old as champagne. So, the news that Telmont is advancing ahead to progressively adopt a light champagne bottle is pretty big news. Last spring, the brand entered a partnership with French glassmaker Verallia to create a bottle weighing only 800 grams.

35 grams lighter than today’s standard champagne bottle, it is expected to set a new standard for the industry. The lightened bottle is the fruit of Verallia’s glassmaking know-how. Best of all, despite trimming off the weight, it has not weakened the bottles’ mechanical resistance to gas pressure at the slightest.

Telmont put the theory to the test on 3000 bottles, and the results were highly conclusive. A new stage now begins, with the expansion of production with a first batch of 30,000 bottles. It is the certified organic cuvée ‘Réserve de la Terre’, that ages for a minimum of three years, which will be the first to benefit from this innovation. The first lightened bottles will be available to customers sometime in 2026.

Sustainable Approach

Telmont Champagne Bottle

Telmont’s new lighter bottle is not just for weight but its also part of the brand’s approach to sustainability. The glass used for bottles is one of the major sources of carbon emissions. In the case of Telmont, it represents about 24% of total emissions.

Lighter bottles contain less glass, and therefore it generates less carbon emissions during the glass melting and production processes: around 4% less CO2 per bottle produced. Also, these ultra-light-weight bottles require less fuel for transport, upstream and downstream, ensuring additional energy savings and environmental benefits.

Generalizing the use of 800-gram bottles would be a big step forward for Maison Telmont in its endeavor to reduce its environmental impact. It will also help the company reach the objectives set by its “In the Name of Mother Nature” project: being Climate Positive by 2030, and Net Positive by 2050.

Telmont Champagne’s lightest bottle with President of Maison Telmont, Ludovic Du Plessis

In addition, Telmont has also taken numerous initiatives since June 2021, including completely rethinking its packaging. After eliminating all gift boxes and bespoke bottles in part to reduce its carbon footprint, the brand has also replaced its transparent bottles made from 0% recycled glass with only green champagne bottles made with up to 87% recycled glass.

“We are proud to have taken up this challenge with Verallia, so far successfully. This experiment initiated by Telmont must extend beyond the borders of our estate,” explains Ludovic du Plessis, President of Maison Telmont. “In the Name of Mother Nature, we encourage everyone in Champagne to adopt this bottle because it’s better for our planet and will benefit all!”

(Images: Telmont)

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Telmont To Adopt Game Changing Light Champagne Bottle
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