The Jigger & Pony family’s latest addition recently underwent a reboot and brings us Flagship 2.0, the ‘Home of the Old Fashioned’, promising a mix of whisky and bitters done right each time.

Steering away from the formalities and pretension of a typical whisky bar, Flagship aims to create an intimate and laid-back setting for people to appreciate and discover whiskies. The space has been remodeled so that you’re immediately greeted by the bar and the impressive display of their 200 whiskies set against tiled walls of British racing green that is plastered with band posters. In addition, communal-friendly booth seats replace the previous bench seating for better socializing making it the perfect hideout after a long day at the office or for a night out with friends.

Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke

While the classic combination of rye whiskey, sugar and bitters will never fail, Flagship offers up inspired variations of this standard blend with 4 versions of the beloved cocktail. Among them are the Classic Old Fashioned for those who take comfort in consistency, a standard bearer celebrating the cocktail’s rye heritage with the choice of Bulleit Bourbon, dark sugar and orange twist that teases the nose before the booze. As well as (my personal favourite) Wine of the South, a sweet peach tea spin on the classic with a bourbon backbone, a happy three-way between a julep, an Old Fashioned and a hot summer in the American South. 

For a standard price of $22++, your pick of any whisky, gin or rum can be turned into an Old Fashioned with a twist at no extra charge. Or you can opt for the punch bowl that serves 15-20 people, great for your posse to share.  

Flagship also features selected whiskies highlighting a certain theme each month. This month they spotlight gems from less familiar whisky makers, some of them hard-to-find rarities that you can try out in their whisky flights that offer tastings of 3 special blends.

Whichever you choose, you can bet that each drink will be a tailor made experience that hits that sweet spot every time. 

For more information on their menu and offers visit their website here.

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Home Of The Old Fashioned
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