The Grand Hyatt Singapore has always emphasised sustainability and wellness in both their living and dining quarters. mezza9, its iconic restaurant on the second floor, revamped their menu to not only meet these tenets but surpass them.

mezza9 understands that the fishing industry and its seafood farming processes can have a negative impact on the environment. So it set out to minimise the impact.

For their new menu, they set out to use ingredients produced at the highest ethical standard. All the seafood is certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council or the Marine Stewardship Council as responsibly farmed or caught.

The goal was to create a menu that offers sustainable, ethical, and organically created dishes that still taste delicious. In this regard, mezza9 has succeeded.

The menu still has some old favorites, but the established dishes have been tweaked. The recipes for the older dishes are the same, but mezza9 has updated its vendors to ensure that it is using only the highest quality ingredients.

The menu clearly labels the seafood that has been certified as ethically farmed and/or caught

The idea is that by looking at the ingredients first instead of the end product, the restaurant can ensure the ethical provenance of the dish.

For its new options, we recommend the mezza9 clam & lobster bake ($128) and the wood-roasted beetroot salad ($12), which is a refreshing and light appetiser and perfect to start off the evening.

Follow that with its luk chin yang ($18). These Thai fish balls are both sweet and savoury, and are perfect for sharing.

mezza9 also offers a host of wok-style dishes and these generous portions of seafood, noodles, and vegetable stir-fried are delicious and diverse.

The pot luck-style of most of the entrees is unique for upscale restaurants, however, it’s a testament to mezza9’s commitment to fostering community.

The restaurant itself has nine different dining and wining experiences all within one location allowing the customer to experience a host of cuisines.

All the kitchens and bars are in plain sight, additionally allowing the customer to interact with the chefs and see for themselves the attention and care put into each dish.

The space has a Thai, sushi, grill, steam, and seafood kitchen, as well as a patisserie, party room, martini bar, and the shop to take home their house-made cakes and pastries.

From cocktails to lobster tails, mezza9’s new menu offers a unique, delicious, and ethical evening out for you and your friends. We can’t recommend it enough.

mezza9 is located at the Grand Hyatt Singapore, 10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211

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mezza9 Revamps Its Menu And It’s All About Sustainability
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