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If you’re a whisky lover who’s constantly on the lookout for new drams to try, we have some brilliant news for you. Recently, Singapore’s first online whisky tasting club began its operation. Started by a group of friends with a shared love for “the water of life”, Whisky Butler is dedicated to curating the world’s finest whiskies for you to try.

Currently, there are two methods for you to try new whiskies. The first, fork out the dough to buy a full bottle of whisky, and hope it suits your palette. Although you may argue that you can read tasting notes on what a particular whisky is like before making a purchase, any expert will quickly admit that everyone’s palettes differ greatly. The second method is to head down to a whisky bar and taste whiskies by the dram. Now this may be a better option, but it still means having to leave the comfort of your home- not to mention having to cough up for those expensive fingers of whisky.

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But fear not, your whisky woes are at an end. A third method is now available: subscribe to Whisky Butler. The online whisky tasting club operates via a subscription model and as a subscriber, you will be delivered four samples (20ml each) of whiskies elegantly fit into a bespoke box monthly. The whiskies are, of course, carefully curated by your friendly Butlers and will be centred on a theme. Apart from an exquisite drinking experience, you will also receive an enlightening education about the month’s whiskies; included in the box are tasting notes, fun facts and information sheets detailing the heritage of the chosen whiskies. If you find a dram that suits your palette and would like more, you get to enjoy special rates and free shipping on full bottles.

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Benjamin Tan, Co-Founder of Whisky Butler afforded that the motivation behind the online whisky tasting club was to educate new, as well as existing whisky (and whiskey) drinkers on quality whiskies that may not be in the limelight but are deserving of attention. If you need further proof of how serious he is about his trade, Benjamin hopes to one day build up a large enough user base to offer exclusive single cask bottlings, available only to members.

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The list of brands that Whisky Butler works with continues to grow, but is already astounding. The club currently features brands such as Auchentoshan, Ardbeg, Cadenhead’s, Bowmore, Deanston, Glenglassaugh, Tobermory, and many more.

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Choose between three different plans (that come with different perks) when you subscribe to Whisky Butler.

Pay As You Go

S$88 monthly, receive exclusive invitations to Whisky Butler events and be able to cease your membership at any time.

6-Months Plan

S$83 monthly, save $S30 and receive exclusive invitations to Whisky Butler events.

12-Months Plan

S$74 monthly, save $168 and receive exclusive invitations to Whisky Butler events.

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In light of the festive season, Whisky Butler is also launching Singapore’s first ever Whisky Advent Calendar. This little piece of heaven features 24 drams from all around the world. Some notable ones include the 1907 from Bhutan, the Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary from Ireland and the Cadenhead’s Royal Brackla 1984 30 year old from Scotland (retails for S$1,200 on its own). The entire calendar goes for S$299, but is only available in a limited quantity so we suggest you make haste.

For more information, please visit https://www.whiskybutler.sg/

For a little more on whisky education, check out our story on the key to good whisky.

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Whisky Butler: Singapore’s First Online Whisky Tasting Club
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