When it comes to home fittings, we believe every decision needs to be well thought and deliberate. The explanation behind this is simple: home fittings can make your life easier or it can be the bane of your very existence. Take the sink, for example. It is the most utilised fitting in the kitchen and yet, it is overlooked by many homeowners.  When it comes to design, we believe the best sinks are invisible. They combine form and function so well, they rarely draw attention. Achieving that balance is difficult but industry pioneer Hansgrohe has perfected it over the years.

The latest offerings from the kitchen-and-bathroom expert are sink combinations that are as intuitive as they are beautiful. At the crux of these combinations are two innovative control concepts that make daily chores easier and more accessible. Here are some of the highlights of these latest sinks.

Military Precision Control

Hansgrohe’s new sinks afford you control like no other. They’re made with the user in mind, taking into considerations of age, height and even physical mobility.

The first combination is fitted with the new Hansgrohe Metris Select two-hole kitchen mixer that has a central control unit on the right side of the sink. The ergonomically-designed lever allows you to control the temperature and water volume with military precision while the Select button that’s conveniently positioned on the high spout turns on or off the water flow. No more fiddling with faucets when your hands are full.

The second model presents an alternative, featuring the Select technology on the sink itself. The intuitive button on the right sink turns water flow from the multi-jet kitchen mixer on and off. Additionally, this nifty button also opens and closes the drain, keeping the sink’s aesthetic clean and minimalistic and letting the rest of your kitchen accessories stand out.

Smarter Design

In keeping with the minimalistic design, the new Hansgrohe sBox will be available for both sink combinations. This brilliant design stores the hose of the pull-out spray in a flat box. It keeps your base cabinet tidy, and makes your like that much easier. We’re also fans of it because it minimises wear and tear of the hose by protecting it from bumps and scratches. Our favourite feature however, is that it increases the operating range by up to 26 centimeters in comparison to models without the sBox technology. You will no longer need to fill pots by placing them in the sink.

Learn more about these Hansgrohe sinks at www.hansgrohe.com.sg

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Hansgrohe Sinks: Your Favourite Kitchen Teammate

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