Do you know what moon art is? Well, allow us to enlighten you a bit. In March 2023, Dubai-based artist and philanthropist Sacha Jafri’s artwork will be sent to the moon. Best known for creating The Journey of Humanity, which holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest canvas sold at an auction, the artist will now harbour another unique distinction – he’ll be sending the first-ever artwork to the lunar surface.

What is the ‘moon art’ that Sacha Jafri is sending to the lunar surface?

Titled We Rise Together — By the Light of the Moon, the artwork is a gold panel that portrays an engraving of a male and female figure surrounded by 88 hearts. In an interview with CNN, the artist explains how he came up with the artwork. According to Jafri, “The original artwork was this beautiful heart motif. Two figures entwined, reconnecting and around them is blossoming flora, fauna.” He further added that he wants to capture “the unification of humanity through love and empathy” in his work.

For the artwork’s canvas, the gold alloy was developed over two years to combat the extreme environment of the moon. And the best part? The artwork will be available for sale on Earth through an NFT medium, with the entire process transpiring in a unique way. Once the physical artwork lands on the moon, little beep sounds will be heard in the control room and through that signal, 88 NFTs will be released for sale on Earth. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Not just this, Jafri also plans on donating all the sale proceeds to humanitarian charities and raising money for the four main charitable concerns of the world such as health, education, sustainability and equality.
This artwork was commissioned by Spacebit, a UK-based company that develops space robotics technology and data analytics tools, and will be launched onto the lunar surface by Spacebit and NASA Commercial Payload Services (CLPS). While the launch of NFTs for sale will be facilitated by Selenian Network, a UAE-based company that specializes in blockchain technologies.

How are they launching the moon art?

The moon art will be launched into space on a United Launch Alliance rocket that will take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The moon art will be placed by a lunar lander called Lacus Mortis. The launch mission will take between five days and two weeks to reach the moon, depending on conditions.
(Hero and feature image credits: Courtesy Instagram/Sacha Jafri)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Who is Sacha Jafri?

Answer: Sacha Jafri is a contemporary British artist.

Question: Why is Sacha Jafri famous?

Answer: Sacha Jafri is famous for creating the world's largest painting on canvas titled Journey of Humanity.

Question: Is there any artwork on the moon?

Answer: No. Sacha Jafri's 'We Rise Together – with the Light of the Moon' will be the first-ever artwork sent to the moon.

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Sacha Jafri Is Sending The First Official Artwork To The Moon

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