Our bets have paid off, maybe not as much as those who bet on Leicester City but certainly with a bigger impact. Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both suspended their campaigns, so Trump is going into the Republican National Convention uncontested. But who really is this Donald Trump, and what does he stand for? 

Donald John Trump, 69, is the chairman and president of the Trump Organisation, originally his family business named Elizabeth Trump & Son. He founded Trump Entertainment Resorts that was just sold to Carl Icahn this February (Icahn is swapping the debt of the company that he owns in exchange for the company itself). There are also a number of branding products, from Trump Tower in Manila to a modelling agency, clothing line and the controversial Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative (formerly Trump University), for which he is facing a few class-action suits for fraud. He’s declared corporate bankruptcy four times and today, Forbes estimates his net worth at US$4 billion, well under his own claim of US$10 billion. Here are his stances on policies. 

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Putin is a friend

Foreign policy
He considers Putin to be a strong leader and reconnect with Russia, while NATO countries should be left to their own defences if they do not spend more to defend themselves. He disagrees with the treaty the US enacted with Iran. Essentially, he wishes to isolate the United States. 

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Hello, torture. 

National Security
He also claims that he would come down even harder on militant terrorism. He welcomes torture as an interrogation method. Nuclear weapons are an option. He’ll build up the military, and to increase military defence. 

Free trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and the North America Free Trade Deal are out the door. Our own free trade agreement with the United States would come to an end. He intends to impose taxes on Chinese imports to reduce the trade deficit and confront them over currency manipulation. He does not believe that Japan and South Korea should have military support from the United States. On Taiwan, there’s no comment. 

The National Budget
He intends to reduce the budget deficits by cutting down on various areas, starting with education. He also intends to end Obamacare and replace it with some other program. He plans to reduce taxes. He plans to defund Planned Parenthood. 

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The polar bears aren’t really losing their home, according to Trump

Climate Change
He does not believe in climate change. 

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Big Brother is watching you

Civil Liberties
He does not believe in civil liberties. He is pro-surveillance. He’s also pro-life. 

He claims that he will build a wall to prevent Latin Americans from illegally crossing the border. He also insists that he will stop people of the Muslim faith from entering the country. He also claims that immigrants are frequently criminals. 

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Coal is good for American energy independence. Forget about renewables. 

He’s pro-coal and pro-nuclear energy sources. He’s not for clean energy.

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Donald Trump’s Policies, at a Glance
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