Every time I mention the Ultra Music Festival to friends, there tend to be two very extreme reactions: abject groans and whooping cheers. If you’re one of those who cheer, then read on – this one’s for you. The groaners – and I admit I was one of them – lament the crowds, the cramped spaces, the general frat-boy vibe of the whole thing.

But fellow groaners, hear me out – Bali’s Ultra Music Festival can be one of the most exquisite party experiences, heightened by the hospitable nature of the Balinese people, the gorgeous location and the musical mastery of the DJs. It’s a great dance party, and it can be a lot of fun, and, if you let it, transformative as well – if you carefully manage your experience there.

Like its previous editions, this year’s Ultra Music Festival has two concepts – the boutique oceanfront ULTRA Beach Bali (20th – 21st September) and the underground, rave-like concept, RESISTANCE (23rd – 24th September). Both will take place in the ultra-chic Locca Sea House, with its Mediterranean vibes, gorgeous infinity pool and spacious dance floor.

ULTRA Beach Bali 2023 will be headlined by GRAMMY-winning hitmaker Zedd, melodic house maestro Gryffin, platinum-selling Norwegian producer Alan Walker, Jonas Blue and Sam Feldt’s shimmering, collaborative project Endless Summer, and renowned Dutch producer duo W&W. Meanwhile, RESISTANCE Bali 2023 will host house and techno’s most in-demand talents, with a roster headlined by legendary British duo Sasha & John Digweed, GRAMMY-winning Iranian-American DJ/producer Dubfire, techno titan Massano and Ilario Alicante.

With the festival right around the corner, here are some tips to ensuring you get the most of your Ultra Music Festival experience. And if you’re a groaner, here’s how to offset some of the less desirable aspects of a festival. Trust us – if you do Ultra Bali right, it can be the party of a lifetime.

Dress right. 

Clothes maketh a man, and it can make or break your party experience. You want to be comfortable, stand out in the right way, exude class, and still look good while moving to the beats. That’s quite a lot of heavy lifting for what will ultimately be a small collection of fabric. Easy elegance is the way to go – something comfortable, loose and yet classy. We recommend beachwear by the likes of Fendi or even pieces from Dior’s stylish yet eco-friendly partnership with environmental organisation Parley.

When dressing for the beach, go for easy elegance, as encapsulated in this co-ord number from Fendi’s latest beachwear capsule.

Hydrate. Seriously. 

Drink. Water. Lots of it. Photo by henri meilhac on Unsplash

The thing about pulling all-nighters is that all that drinking (alcohol) and dancing will dehydrate you, and punish your body for it – or worse, force you to end your night early. To maximise how much enjoyment you’ll get from the Ultra Music Festival, drink plenty of water, especially between drinks. Tell the staff at Locca Sea House to bring generous amounts of water along with the drinks that you order.

It’s funny – sometimes being next to an infinity pool, at a club looking out to the sea, might make you forget to drink up, but it’s absolutely vital if you want to party through the night.

Familiarise yourself with the music.

Don’t be that person sitting at your table or standing awkwardly in the corner because you’re unfamiliar with the music. It’s important to catch up with the tunes and vibes of a DJ so you know what to expect – especially if you don’t regularly listen to techno or house. All the DJs performing at this year’s Ultra Music Festival are on Spotify. It’s worth checking out their music before heading off to Bali.

GRAMMY winner Zedd is one of the DJs at Ultra Music Festival whose music you want to catch up on in the days leading to the festival. Photo taken from Zedd’s Facebook page.

Get the terrace tables.

In a music festival that can get extremely chaotic, so it’s important to have a ‘safe zone’ away from the maddening crowdfor you and your friends to catch your breaths and regain some sanity – and also to enjoy the amazing cocktails and drinks selections available at Locca Sea House. Enter the terrace tables, located with the best view of the stage in your own private area away from the general admission crowd, with a table for you and your friends.  While they are extremely limited, these terrace tables allow you and your friends to experience the festival in the best way possible, and to enjoy one of the world’s most famous dance festivals with a generous bit of exclusivity.

The Terrace Package is valued at $400USD. Customers can purchase them via Trip.com (http://ultrabali.com/hotel-packages) which gives attendees the following:

  • 2 day-ticket to the festival
  • a selection of hotels
  • expedited VIP festival entry lines
  • expedited queues
  • private viewing area
  • 2 drinks per day

So, for those who cheered earlier – we’ll see you there. For the groaners, this is one festival you want to make an exception for.

Revellers can now purchase tickets for 2 Day General admission tickets to ULTRA BALI 2023 for 1,000,000++ IDR (USD 66.00++)  and 2 Day General admission tickets to RESISTANCE BALI 2023 for 500,000++ IDR (USD 33.00++) – for a limited time only.

To buy tickets please visit: https://ultrabali.com/tickets

written by.

Suffian Hakim

Senior Writer, Augustman Singapore
Best-selling novelist, playwright and screenwriter Suffian Hakim is AUGUSTMAN Singapore's Features Editor. He writes articles on arts, culture, entertainment, cars, watches, travel and more - all in an effort to properly investigate and define that nebulous, all-encompassing L-word: lifestyle.
How To Party The Right Way At Bali’s Ultra Music Festival
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