We had the privilege of walking through a little exhibition of art inspired by Dom Pérignon‘s three very delicious vintages.

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‘Fly For Me’, by photographer Yian Huang

Yian Huang probably shot these while high on Dom Perignon’s P2 Vintage 1998 that’s been meticulously aged for at least 16 years. We don’t blame him. The P2 was our favourite of the lot.

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Nose: You get an intense, full and radiant bouquet peppered with honeysuckle, orange and toasted almond.

Palate: Enjoy the creamy mouthfeel that Dom Pérignon’s so famous for. That, accompanied with a smoky, biting finish that tingles in the mouth.

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‘Above and Below’ by chef Janice Wong

Wong’s trippy candy masterpiece is based on Dom Perignon’s Rose Vintage 2003, a bubbly that shines despite a tough year of ruthless spring frosts and heat waves.

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Nose: Be treated with rich and complex notes of figs, wild strawberries and ripe fruit bursting with juices. Let it breathe, and it will release plenty more delicious tones like guava, violet and vanilla.

Palate: It’s smooth, spicy, and most of all, sharp, concentrated and well-defined.

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‘White’ by artist Dawn Ng

Inspired by Dom Pérignon’s Vintage 2005, a harmony of the finest black and white grapes. 2005 was full of surprises. The weather was mostly warm, with a little rain. It got really hot in August, which was then followed by cool, wet weather in September. As a result, there could only be limited volume of grapes for production, as quality had to be ensured.

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Nose: Rich, intense fruity notes that are complemented with notes of praline and coriander.

Palate: It’s strong, structured, firm and dense. It’s also incredibly spicy, and ends off with a pleasant floral finish in every sip.

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The Three Faces of Dom Pérignon
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