Orlando Bloom is late. My videographer keeps looking at his watch and out of the window at the sun that’s dipping dangerously close to the horizon, and with it, his hopes for natural lighting. In the small tea room that Capella Singapore has assigned to us are other journalists and videographers also playing the waiting game. It’s a gamble we’re all familiar with when it comes to Hollywood stars. Five minutes away usually means we still have a half an hour wait and the phrase “He’s on his way” is code for “I have no idea where he is”.

But Orlando Bloom does finally emerge 22 minutes after the sun has set. Yes, I timed it. He’s all genuine smiles and English charm and shakes everyone’s hands with gusto. His tardiness is forgotten, and everyone becomes visibly excited at being at such close quarters with a bonafide Hollywood celebrity. 

The actor is in town at the invitation of Christiane Brunk, the fourth-generation owner and current managing director of Braun Büffel, to celebrate the German brand’s 130th birthday. Bloom tells me he was introduced to the leather goods maker during his travels around Asia and “became very familiar with it, so it was an honour to be asked to come and celebrate 130 years”.

It is Bloom’s first visit to Singapore. He was in Bangladesh prior to coming here, heavily involved in work with UNICEF, and is glad to get some time for rest and relaxation. We chatted with the actor about his heroes, auditions and more in the five minutes we have him now. Check out the video above for the full interview.

AUGUSTMAN would like to thank Braun Büffel for the Orlando Bloom interview

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Five Minutes With Orlando Bloom
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