In layman’s terms, the sun sign is where the sun was positioned at the time of your birth, while the moon sign refers to where the moon was situated at the time of your birth in the twelve signs of the zodiac. Sun sign vs moon sign — know the difference and how it affects each zodiac sign right here.

Calculation of Sun Sign

Sun sign, also known as your zodiac sign, star sign and birth sign, is very easy to calculate as the Sun has a fixed path or ecliptic in the zodiac. By merely looking at your date of birth one can know your sun sign. When you are looking for your horoscope online, you are essentially looking at your sun sign.

Calculation of Moon sign

Moon is the fastest moving planet and is generally used as an indicator of events. In Vedic astrology, more emphasis is given to the moon sign. Calculation of moon sign is more complex as moon is a fast-moving celestial body and changes the zodiac sign in two and a half days approximately. Moon chart reading is also dependent on a variety of factors, including constellation of the moon (at the exact time of birth), the longitude and latitude of the place you are born at, waxing and waning moon and its placement from Sun.

moon sign
The moon is the fastest moving planet and is generally used as an indicator of events. (Image: Mark Tegethoff/ Unsplash)

Difference between Sun and Moon sign

Sun is also known as the king of planets in astrology, as it represents the soul, father, power, and authority. A strong Sun can give you strength, power, immunity, stamina, resistance, power and authority while a negative or a weak Sun can make you lack confidence and have low self-esteem. Sun is so powerful that it can eat away good natural results of any planet and can also bless or affect the results of other planets.

Moon is also known as the queen of the planets in astrology, as it represents mother, emotion, mind, temperament, and inner strength. One can handle the worst situations the moon is strong which means positive thinking, inner instincts are in your control where you can handle anything. Hence, strong moon is key to happiness, but if the moon is weak you are likely to feel directionless, emotionally drained and weak.

Which one is more effective?

Sun sign vs moon sign — where does the power reside after all? Moon sign could have more influence on your life than your sun sign. Sun is the outer self, which can be altered according to your choice and situation while the moon is the inner you, your true self. Sun takes 12 months to traverse all zodiac signs i.e. remains for a full month within one zodiac sign, therefore, the predictions made can be used for a single month. However, the moon moves more quickly and is only in a particular sign for approximately two and a half days. Hence, the predictions on the basis of moon sign are more precise and accurate.

Main characteristics of sun signs

  • Aries are known for their fiery energy, strong, assertive, and insatiable desire to be the best. Their tempers and tantrums can become a bit juvenile. They may become restless if they don’t have enough action. This is a movable sign and planet Mars owns this sign.
  • Taurus are known for their practicality, romantic nature, confidence and appreciation for the finer things in life. They love indulging in luxuries. They can be obstinate and slow to action. This is a fixed sign and Venus owns this sign.
  • Gemini need constant stimulation through communication and daily adventures. They are intellectual people, alert, inquisitive and intolerant of nonsensical persons. They can be shy and lack originality at times. This is a dual sign and Mercury is the ruling planet.
  • Cancer people are extremely sensitive and emotional. They need to establish trust and loyalty before letting their guard down. They can be indolent, unkind and harsh. This is a movable sign and moon is the lord of this sign.
  • Leos are known for their passion, extravagance and creativity. They ooze royalty and dignity, are large hearted and generous but also authoritative. They can be snobbish and haughty. This is a fixed sign, ruled by the sun.
  • Virgos are known for their extreme intellect; they express themselves through logical and rational communication; they are frank, grounded and stable people. They can be critical. This is a dual sign, ruled by Mercury
  • Librans are charming, perfectionists, cultured and refined people. They are dapper and enjoy luxury. They are fond of the finest things and are quite indecisive. They can also be arrogant and tactless. This is a movable sign, which is ruled by Venus.
  • Scorpio is one of the fiercest signs, very intuitive and dedicated. They make very good lovers. They can be obstinate, stubborn and reckless. This is a fixed sign and Mars is the ruler.
  • Sagittarians are always ready for an adventure. They are natural philosophers, idealistic, scholars, and explorers. They have high libidos and can be short tempered. This is a dual sign and Jupiter is the ruling planet.
  • Capricorns work hard to build safety and security in their lives. They are practical, witty, and like to create lasting foundations for their careers, homes, and romantic partnerships. Can be fickle minded and miserly. This is a movable sign and Saturn is the ruling planet.
  • Aquarians are known for their compassionate and human approach. They are conscientious and hard working, idealistic and righteous. They can be short tempered, stubborn and detached. This is a fixed sign and Saturn is the owner of this zodiac sign.
  • Pisceans are known for their sweet talk, creativity, and highly intuitive powers. They are very open-minded, friendly but sensitive. They are very generous and can be impractical. This is a dual sign and Jupiter owns this zodiac sign.

Main characteristics of moon signs

Your moon sign represents the position of the moon at the time of birth. The moon moves swiftly through the 12 zodiac signs and it takes about a month to travel through all the signs. So determining your moon sign must be accurate. For the purposes of determining your moon sign, you not only need your birth date, but also your place and exact time of birth.

If you know where your moon was at birth, please see below the characteristics of each of the moon signs.

  • Aries are fond of travel, are ambitious, independent and dexterous. They can also be irritable, haughty and react without thinking.
  • Taureans are fond of good life, can keep both calm and composure. They can be self-centred too.
  • Geminis are clever, witty, good speakers and gentle natured. The moon in Gemini gives long life. They can also be restless.
  • Cancerians can be charming, religious and emotionally strong. The moon in Cancer makes one wealthy and they can be influenced easily.
  • Leos are loyal, proud, ambitious, and hard working. They can be self-centred and stubborn.
  • Virgos are good looking, have sweet speech, and are fond of the opposite sex. They can be shy and over anxious.
  • Librans are elegant, stickler for justice and fair play, far sighted, and helpful. They can be fickle minded and paranoid.
  • Scorpions are very sensitive and emotional. They can be miserly and emotionally unhappy.
  • Sagittarians are innocent, religious, helpful, obliging, and upright. They can be miserly at times.
  • Capricorns are practical, have good eyes, slender waist and orthodox.
  • Aquarians are intuitive, outspoken, active, and intelligent. They can be very blunt and outspoken.
  • Pisceans are hypersensitive and imaginative. They can get addicted to bad habits.

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