Here’s what we know about the saddening death of Anna Shay and her surviving son, Kenny Kemp.

Anna Shay, one of the most iconic characters on Bling Empire, passed away from a heart stroke on June 5, 2023. The bright star gave so much life to the popular Netflix show, for she is known to not take life too seriously and just enjoy it to the fullest. She is survived by one son, Kenny Kemp.

Who is Kenny Kemp, Anna Shay’s son?

Shay’s private life was always a mystery, except for the fact that she had been married four times. Although each marriage ended in divorce, she has a 28-year-old son, Kenny Kemp, who appeared briefly on one of the Bling Empire episodes as well.

According to the various news sources, Kemp has a passion for cannabis, and is known to keep an exquisite collection of half-a-million-dollar-worth bongs. His prized collection also consists of pendants, tubes, and other glass pipes with psychedelic swirls, and Nintendo characters. Kemp usually hangs out in Shay’s mansion basement, where he turned his mother’s wine cellar and transferred it into his cannabis vault.

The passing of Anna Shay

As a mother, grandmother, and Netflix star, the saddening news of Anna Shay’s passing has left the family and co-stars in remorse. Kane Lim, Kelly Mi Li, Kevin Kreider, Devon Diep, and Kim Lee have recently posted a message on their Instagrams bidding farewell to their beloved friend.

[Hero and featured image credit: @annashay93]

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