It’s October and you know what that means, Halloween season is upon us. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Halloween Horror Nights have started and features 5 haunted houses this year including an Old Changi Hospital and Salem Witch house. If you think Halloween Horror Nights is too much to handle, think again. Here are 3 of the most insane haunted houses of all time.


  • Haunted Hoochie

Located in a small town in Ohio on a rustic farm land aptly named Dead Acres, this haunted house prides itself with its signature brand of gore. The house features sadistic stage skits that centre itself on destroying the human body in a glorified blood bath. Popular stage skits include the Demon Birth illusion which sees a pregnant woman strapped to a gurney and hoisted up as she attempts to expel a demon spawn with a psychotic doctor by her side and The Circular Saw that basically massacres it’s victims in a gruesome display of guts and blood.

  • Blackout Haunted House

This house located in New York delivers a terrifying and unique “victim” experience. It features some violence and extreme physical contact so patrons must agree to a list of house rules before they enter which include being above 18 years of age and having no health conditions. Everyone who visits must walk through the house alone so as to get the full experience and they are constantly changing up their themes so no two experiences are exactly the same for anyone.

  • McKamey Manor Horror House

Claimed to be by far the scariest, most intense haunted house in the world it has a waiting list of over 20 000 people and requires you to sign a 10 page waiver. Created by Russ McKamey, this interactive house in California gives you your own horror movie experience and is not for the faint of heart. Only 2 people are allowed in at one time and the experience can last for up to 8 hours with crazy stunts such as gagging, bondage and force feeding to name a few. Visitors need be extensively screened beforehand including a physical and mental health clearance by a doctor and proof of medical insurance (they do not mess around).

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Scariest Haunted Houses of All Time
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