The 5Cs – cash, car, condo, country club and credit card – are a relic from a bygone era, one in which men tried to impress women solely with their net worth. The dating landscape has changed and today’s single ladies are no longer just attracted to the original five ‘C’s. If you haven’t already noticed, women these days are seeking the softer, more emotional attributes in a guy. This is perhaps a reflection of wider changes in our culture and society where women are just as likely to be in high-flying careers, and are financially independent and more worldly-wise.

Here are the new 5Cs women look out for in men. You could say they are today’s fabulous five relationship makers.

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In today’s social media-driven dating environment, making a genuine commitment to give a relationship a real chance is a big plus. If you would rather play around on Tinder and keep options open, don’t blame women for thinking you are a commitment-phobe.

Want to get women to be attracted to you? Start being happy! Single women are looking for a guy who is truly comfortable in his own skin and who doesn’t feel the need to follow the crowd. Plus putting on a huge smile while you’re out and about is truly intoxicating to any woman. Confidence can come about simply by pursuing your passion in life instead of merely chasing the dollars or climbing the corporate ladder.

Women frequently lament that they experience a lack of respect and courtesy after a date. If you are a man who rarely calls after a date the following day to see if they had a good time, it’s high time you think about doing so instead of sending hastily thumbed text messages a few days later. It’s a simple yet extremely effective act and can help you transition to your second, third or fourth date. Whilst modern women don’t really expect a hero on a white horse to rescue them, chivalry and thoughtfulness is fast becoming an attractive quality to have in  today’s dating world.

Let’s face it. In today’s modern world of dating, being wooed by a guy in the traditional sense of the word seems to be dying out. However, courtship is just what women want when they embark on dates with potential love matches. It’s not about grand gestures. Rather, it is about establishing care and respect whilst getting to know each other, and not being afraid to take one’s time in developing the relationship.

A simple text or call asking about her day demonstrates your genuine interest in a woman’s life and well-thought-out opinions and robust actions are more likely to win over today’s single women.

Kindness in all forms is a vital attribute women expect from a man. From treating the auntie selling tissue paper with respect to helping an uncle cross a busy road, public displays of kindness say a lot about the man without him having to say anything at all.

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Wendy Tse is founder and head matchmaker at Society W, a boutique matchmaking consultancy targeted at Asia’s elite single men and women. When she is not implementing online dating strategies and helping them find love, Wendy is committed to changing mind sets and removing the social stigma surrounding matchmaking in Asia. She currently resides in Singapore with her husband and two pet dogs.

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The New 5Cs of Dating
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