Booster Gold? What kind of a name is that for a superhero who is supposed to be MCU’s Iron Man equivalent? While we can continue debating that, DC, under the hands of American filmmaker James Gunn, is embarking on its ‘Gods and Monsters’ chapter with an exciting slate of new movies and TV series. One of those TV series is Booster Gold, one of five tv shows announced by Gunn, with the others being Creature Commandos, Waller, Lanterns and Paradise Lost.

As of now, the Booster Gold project is in its infancy stage and a lot is to be decided, including who will play the cocky superhero who loves to bask in the limelight. DC fans, however, have a lot to look forward to, considering this character has already made appearances in Justice League Unlimited and Smallville.

Who is Booster Gold?

At first glance, Booster Gold seems like your average superhero. He has easy access to technology, looks handsome, and even has a robot companion. But the reason he’s interesting has to do with the fact that he comes from the future.

Known in DC comics as Michael Jon Carter, Booster was born in the 25th century and initially led a tough life. His story starts during his college days when he earned the nickname Booster in his career as a college football player. He had a twin sister named Michelle and was raised by his single mother, Ellen. As Ellen falls sick, Booster gets into illegal gambling to collect money for his mother’s treatment, which eventually puts him behind bars.

Booster Gold and Batman
Image Source: Courtesy DC Kids

Once out of jail, Michael gets the job of a museum security guard who has to watch over the artefacts of some of the greatest heroes of the Justice League as well as a Time Sphere created by Rip Hunter. With nothing left in his life, he ends up stealing an indestructible super-suit, a ring that lets him fly and a security bot named Skeets. He names himself The Goldstar (not Booster Gold) and uses a time machine to go back to the 20th century.

In the present day, he ends up saving the President and somehow gets stuck with the Booster Gold name. Once he starts getting attention, he becomes greedy for fame and does anything to earn a profit. The comic books show him as an obnoxious brat, somewhat similar to MCU’s Tony Stark. Once superheroes like Superman start taking note of him, they ask him to lend a hand and help out the Justice League when they require it.

When will ‘Booster Gold’ drop its first trailer?

With the project in its early stages, so far we only know of its producers. As the tv series is currently in pre-production, it’ll be a while before we see its first trailer. In fact, we don’t even know who will be playing Booster Gold in this live-action adaptation. However, Executive Producer James Gunn did reveal some details about the Booster Gold project during the announcement video for ‘Gods and Monsters’.

Where and when will DC premiere ‘Booster Gold’?

Booster Gold will be streamed on HBO Max. James Gunn is yet to reveal the release details of the project but based on a prediction from Collider, it is possible to see the tv series hit HBO Max sometime between 2025 and 2027. That may be disappointing news for DC fans who can’t wait to see this unusual superhero in action.

Who will play Booster Gold?

As of now, no official cast members have been announced for Booster Gold. Hence, it is anyone’s wild guess as to who will be playing the cocky and brash superhero. Back in 2015, Nathan Fillion expressed interest in playing the role. Some have even imagined Chris Pratt in the role, although DC is yet to confirm anything.

(Hero and Featured image courtesy of DC Kids)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are Booster Gold’s powers?

Answer: Booster Gold has a variety of powers. From his power suit, he gets his superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and durability. He gets to do energy blasts via his gauntlets, has enhanced senses via the visor, and can time-travel. He is also an expert athlete and is skilled in hand-to-hand combatant.

Question: Who is Booster Gold's enemy in DC comics?

Answer: Booster Gold’s archenemy is a fictitious character called Jonar Jon Carter.

Question: What is the secret identity of Booster Gold?

Answer: Booster Gold’s real name is Michael Jon Carter.

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‘Booster Gold’ Is DC’s Newest Superhero Getting His Own Live-Action Series!
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