CNY is in full swing, and by now, you’ll probably find yourself wanting some alone time. If you’re anything like us, all that interaction with family takes a physical, mental and emotional toll. This Friday evening, we suggest taking a break from the festivities by kicking back with a run of some good ol’ fashioned monster movies or TV shows on Netflix. After all, part of the folk mythology behind the Lunar New Year stems from a beast called the Nian. Here’s our pick from Netflix’s selection.

Shaun of the Dead

There have been many zombie apocalypse movies, but Shaun of the Dead remains a classic thanks to the brilliant writing behind it. It’s witty, moving, and even absurd at times, and it’ll keep you rooted to the screen from beginning to the end. If you haven’t heard of the Cornetto trilogy, it’s time you get educated about it. Start with this movie.

Pacific Rim

Giant robots and huge monsters beating the crap out of each other. What’s not to like? We’re pretty certain you’ve already caught this one, but it’s a great time to rewatch it, with it’s sequel set to release next month. Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 epic follows a drawn out battle involving a resistance force and Kaiju. Prepare yourself for two hours of badass-ery.


You cannot talk about monsters and not mention the king himself, Godzilla. Many previous films have painted this beast as a misunderstood force to be reckoned with, but in this animated movie, humans have been forced out of Earth because Godzilla has wreaked havoc on the planet. In the opening scenes, the huge lizard-like creature obliterates an evacuation shuttle full of people. This one is a little heavy, but still a great watch.


I know. You’re looking at this weird creature that looks like a cross between a hippopotamus and a dog and thinking, “This can’t possibly be a monster. It’s too cute!”. And you’re absolutely right, it isn’t. Okja is a story about a young girl who goes an epic journey to rescue her giant but cuddly companion from an evil conglomerate that wants to breed it for it’s flesh. So the true monsters here, are humans. Just like in real life.

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