Horror movies are officially back with a bang! Saw X, the latest release from the iconic film franchise, is generating positive responses from audiences and critics alike. Exciting, isn’t it?

According to its X/Twitter reviews, Saw X has managed to capture the essence of the initial Saw movies, reviving the franchise’s thrilling elements and intriguing suspense, something fans usually expect from horror films. Additionally, due to the success of Saw X, it was only a matter of time before fans started wondering about a Saw XI or Saw 11 movie. So, if you happen to be someone wondering if Saw 11 is in the works and when you can expect it to hit theatres, here is what we know (so far) about the likely sequel.

Is A ‘Saw 11’ movie happening?

Saw 11 Movie
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Director Kevin Greutert explained that Saw X was a standalone film with no plans for a sequel. Nevertheless, should the film prove to be financially successful (it has currently grossed USD 2 million worldwide on a budget of USD 13 million), the movie series will continue with additional sequels in the works, including Saw XI or Saw 11. 

In an interview with CBR, Greutert explained, “There’s no obvious new direction to go after this film. But I think there probably will be more Saw movies, particularly if this one is successful. I truly believe that this is the most standalone Saw film since the first one.”

Meanwhile, in the post-credits scene of Saw X, it was unveiled that John Kramer has been collaborating with Detective Hoffman, a beloved character among fans, throughout the film. When questioned about whether this serves as a foundation for a new Saw movie centred around Hoffman’s character, the producers of the film confirmed the same with a resounding “yes.”

Not to mention, besides Saw 10’s cliffhanger, the film’s positive response from critics and horror flick fans may also push the studios to greenlight Saw 11. While nothing has been confirmed so far, it is a high possibility that the powers-to-be will find a way to make the sequel happen.

What will be the plot of ‘Saw 11’?

Saw 11 Movie
Image credit: IMDb

Saw X took place between the events of the first two Saw films – Saw and Saw II. In the film, we saw (pun not intended) John Kramer’s backstory and how he became the infamous Jigsaw. The plot follows a sick and desperate Kramer travelling to Mexico for a high-stakes, experimental medical treatment which he believes could offer a miraculous cure for his cancer. Soon, however, he comes to the realisation that the entire procedure was a scam, a scheme targeting the most vulnerable people in society. This experience becomes the foundation of Kramer’s transformation into Jigsaw.

While we have no clarity about the plot of Saw 11, we can expect Jigsaw aka John Kramer to return. Also, based on Saw X’s cliffhanger, we can also expect Detective Hoffman to return. Perhaps we’ll see some other characters returning as well. Maybe it’ll be set in a different timeline? Well, all we know is that, for the moment, we’ll have to be a bit patient for more updates.

When will ‘Saw 11’ release?

Assuming the studios reach a decision over greenlighting the film by the end of this year, it’s likely that Saw 11 won’t hit theatres before the latter part of 2025 or early 2026.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for Saw X below: 

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Is A ‘Saw 11’ Movie In The Works? Here’s What We Know About The Sequel
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