New promotional materials for The Little Mermaid just dropped, and people have differing opinions. One thing’s for sure, they really did Flounder dirty.

The live adaptation of The Little Mermaid has been the topic of controversies and heated comments sections since it was announced. Needless to say, people are waiting in anticipation for the release of the movie, wanting to see for themselves if this movie will really flop more than a dying carp. Of course, reactions and memes spawned when the new promotional materials dropped. Here are some of them.

The Little Mermaid trailer: The best Twitter reactions and memes so far

About to be part of their world

Poor Flounder looks like he’s having a midlife crisis

Jumpscare warning

I can’t—

Because it’s under the sea, babes

Now this is cinematic

It’s like the kid with the braces in Finding Nemo omg

Fun fact: Melissa McCarthy had a drag career before acting, so this is interesting

Okay that looks cute ngl

The “G” in CGI stands for “goddamnnn”

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