It would be a severe understatement to say that the Sussexes have experienced a considerable amount of tumult in the past number of years, what with their decision to strike out on their own after making bombshell allegations against the Royal institution’s treatment of Meghan. And now, they’re looking to mount a brand-new project of their very own through a soon-to-be-released Netflix show: Heart of Invictus.

The documentary series was a collaborative effort between the digital streaming giant and the couple’s very own Archwell Foundation charity.

Split into an episodic format of five parts, the show is centered around the namesake Invictus Games, an international sporting event that brings together veterans and members of the armed forces afflicted by injuries or illness that was co-founded by the Duke of Sussex.

The series, which has been caught in the throes of the rumour mill for quite some time now, appears to finally be seeing the light of day after a trailer dropped just yesterday (16 August) on the cusp of its release. Here’s everything we know so far.

Everything we know about Harry & Meghan’s ‘Heart of Invictus’ Netflix series 

The premise

Split into five episodes, the Heart of Invictus series aims to provide viewers with an insider’s perspective of the planning and execution of the Invictus Games. Simultaneously, the narrative will also shed light on the stories behind some of its most illustrious athletes, and how they came to cope with the challenges that they experienced as a consequence of the physical conditions they sustained.

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Throughout the 1-minute and 55-second trailer, footage of competitive sports was interspersed with commentary from both the Duke himself, in addition to a varied number of athletes from around the globe on their participation in the annual sporting event.

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Most notably, it even featured online correspondence with members of the Ukrainian armed forces who are in active combat. In the background, Harry could be heard giving a rousing speech to participants, telling them that “You are people of substance. Of resilience. Of strength. You have the heart of Invictus.” before the clip cuts out.

Who was behind it? 

As one can expect, the Sussexes had a major role in Heart of Invictus through their Archwell Foundation, which worked hand-in-hand with Netflix on the project. In a statement released by the Duke on account of the trailer’s release, he said “Our Invictus Games community represents some of the bravest and most dedicated individuals from 23 nations across the globe. Heart of Invictus is the incredible story of competitors brought together through service, who are now united through sport.”

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Image credit: Netflix/YouTube

He adds that “While in various stages of recovery from both visible and invisible injuries, these competitors and their loved ones give a compelling look at their journey to the Invictus Games, in a way that commands admiration and respect.”

Harry serves as executive producer on the series, with Orlando von Einsiedel directing. Orlando is best known for his work in the Oscar-winning 2017 documentary The White Helmets.

The series will air on August 30 via Netflix.

Feature and hero image credits: Netflix/YouTube

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‘Heart Of Invictus’: Everything We Know About Harry & Meghan’s Documentary Series
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