From the moment you wake up to when you hit the sack, there is a playlist that can probably make that moment a little bit better. Whether you want to sit in the shower and cry or pretend you are partying in South America, here at 6 Spotify playlists that will get you through any mood today:

Creamy Tracks

This  playlist is perfect for those moments when you just need to space out. Let the playlist take you on a melodic ride through a dreamy setting. With a strong focus on instrumental, it is perfect for electronic music lovers.


Yes, you want to low-key chill out and do nothing else. So put on this playlist, and let these rhythmic tracks get you in a groove. The artists featured will not only bring you alternative hip-hop, but the best of lo-fi, trip-hop and indie.

Last One Awake

It’s 3 am, you just got home, you are alone and the feels start kicking in. We’ve all been there. Reflect and start dreaming before you fall asleep with this playlist. The chill indie-rock tracks are perfect to wind down to.

Buenos Dias

Perfect for your reggaeton fix. Spanish music is all the craze lately, so don’t miss out on what’s hot in scene. Put this on to start your morning energetically, or even before heading for a night out. The playlist doesn’t only include songs in Spanish, so this is for anyone that wants to be momentarily transported to a hot Puerto Rican beach club.


Featuring everything from The Rolling Stones to Frank Ocean, this is what you put on for those emotional showers, which of course none of us every have. Sing or cry along to it, but rest assured the tracks in this playlist will be be exactly about what you were thinking of.

Disney Songs To Sing In The Car

If you say you don’t need Disney songs in your life anymore, you are lying to yourself. Watch how things change after just one car ride singing, or should I say shouting, along to these songs. I mean, what mood can’t be improved after the emotional roller coaster that is Circle of Life from the Lion King?



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