Singer/Songwriter Paul Roberts is in town this week to perform a tribute stage show to the late Pop legend, David Bowie. We have a quick chat with the artist about David Bowie’s musical influence and what to expect from the show.

How was David Bowie an influence on your own music?

Musically, it was his emphasis on the effect of change that inspired me. Even as a child, when I was writing music, I couldn’t understand why others would stick to the instruments they knew and had gotten comfortable with. With Bowie, change was always important. Of course, I was also inspired because I love his music.

What made you want to perform a show as an homage to Bowie?

All my life, everywhere I went, people have told me that I look like David Bowie. And while that was all very well, I told them I wanted to be unique. Of course in the true tradition of being an artist you need that quality. Still, people would come up to me and go “Did you know that you look like…?” and I would answer before they finished their question. After a while, it was really starting to wear me down so I thought to myself, “Maybe I should do this thing. Go up on stage, have a little fun, and repeat the history of this great artist”. That’s how this show was started.

Is there a particular Bowie record that spoke to you?

Oh wow. I absolutely loved his 70s stuff because it was a cross between folk music, rock music, and pop music. I think John Lennon put it perfectly when he said “Bowie was rock and roll with lipstick”. Coming back to the question, all his records were pretty special but if I had to choose one, “Hunky Dory” would probably be it. “Black Star” is another really, really, great album – not just because it was his last one. Musically, it was a brilliant record.

Do you think that Bowie’s music is able to speak to the youth of today?

Tricky question, because there are several things that interfere with that process. Like for instance computing technology, whether in the form of games, the internet, or communication, can prove to be quite a big distraction. To appreciate Bowie’s music you really need to sit and listen, and sadly, I don’t know if the youth of today can manage that. Of course, I’m not saying this applies to everyone. There are still deep-thinking people in the world.

Why should people come watch this show?

Because I could use the money! Haha. Just come, dance, have fun, let your hair down. There’s going to be a lot of experience onstage, and we’re trying to put up a faithful rendition of Bowie’s music. Come and remember him.

Let’s Dance – Paul Roberts Sings David Bowie is on from 10 – 12 November, at CE LA VI Singapore. Get your tickets here.

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Ten Minutes with Paul Roberts
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