Anyone who has stayed at The Club before probably would not recognise it if they were to step into the hotel’s lobby again today.

Housed in a 1900’s colonial heritage building and a stone’s throw away from Chinatown and Singapore’s central business district, the newly refurbished boutique establishment has only just recently reopened its doors after undergoing an extensive nine-month overhaul – and by that, we mean that it literally does not look anything like it used to. 

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For a start, its formerly whitewashed exteriors have now had colour dramatically reinstated onto them, with the shutters painted a bright crimson and walls a pale, barely-there sorbet green. Where once its interiors boasted a minimalist and slightly quirky aesthetic, with white again the featured colour scheme, all that has now been replaced by a bolder yet unostentatious palette of mustard yellows, olive greens, royal blues and dark aubergines. It is a quietly luxurious yet modern and trendy interior, and this is particularly evident in its lobby, which now boasts a gently seductive and masculine vibe with its plush leather sofas, smoked mirrors and dark wood cabinetry — but without being overtly den-like.

The luxe guest rooms lighten up a little and carry a more earthy tone dominated by greys and beiges, but continue the handsome aesthetic and feature a nice blend of discrete colonial influences, occasionally eclectic art accessories and hyper-stylised photography of the surrounding cityscape. Taking the boutique concept seriously, the number of guest rooms has been whittled down to just 20, including two suites, and this has a delightful outcome of offering each room a pleasant spaciousness that is further accentuated by the tall early 20th-century style windows through which light floods in.

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Tasteful without being over-decorated, there is a calmness and approachability in the hotel’s design sensibility that is hard for anyone to dislike. And whether intentionally or not, the designers (local design outfit, Distillery) have clearly brought a bit of the ‘exclusive social club’ character back to the hotel, making it more befitting of its name than ever before. This idea of a one-stop social joint  is further underscored by the new food & beverage-led concept that incorporates restaurant and bar venues — including a basement whisky lounge and rooftop Peruvian restaurant — into the hotel’s premises.

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Extreme Makeover — The Club Edition -am_il_v1001_i_2385040ce4c3d9a6787b4b1f62cc2c5511_cab4bda6350cb4cee4724fe8f6b0385f34

According to Sharon Seong, general manager for the hotel, “The Club’s luxurious rooms will allow guests to experience an abode of comfort, intimacy and space. The soothing earth tones and bespoke furniture are designed to inculcate the warmth and domestic elements, offering a comforting stay for the night.”

All that said, you might just have found your new favourite staycation getaway.

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Club suite’s entrance foyer

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Club suite’s living area

Extreme Makeover — The Club Edition -am_il_v1001_i_442e1ef5dc801902de75e565ef8b84f095_0fa936bfebb6988ce16dbcf2975f48f211

Club suite’s sleeping area

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