In a breathtaking revelation, Alexander McQueen has delved into the realm of home fragrance, presenting a remarkable collection of candles that encapsulate the very essence of the brand. Known for its mastery of juxtaposition, the collection houses three captivating scents—Ghost Flower, Pagan Rose, and Savage Bloom—each drawing inspiration from the harmonious interplay between contrasting elements: light and darkness, innovation and tradition, strength and fragility.

Guided by the creative vision of different perfumers, each candle within the collection breathes life into the McQueen codes, capturing the spirit of the brand with impeccable artistry. Ghost Flower, an olfactory masterpiece, weaves together the vivacious notes of fresh freesia and peony, elegantly balanced by the earthy allure of patchouli. This enchanting blend invites you to immerse yourself in a world where delicate floral essences harmonise with the grounding embrace of nature.

Pagan Rose, an olfactory exploration of tension and allure, welcomes you on a sensory journey where the delicate beauty of wild roses intertwines with the raw and earthy essence of peat. This captivating fragrance encapsulates the delicate balance between fragility and strength, evoking a sense of mystery and fascination.

Meanwhile, Savage Bloom unfolds a captivating tale with its captivating combination of tuberose and oud. With a heady bouquet of tuberose and a heart enriched by the exotic allure of oud, this fragrance lures you into a world of opulence and seduction, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience.

As a testament to the brand’s commitment to storytelling, the candles are encased in egg-shaped black lacquered glass, adorned with exquisite silver, dark, or gold metal lids. The glass itself is carefully protected by a mycelium shell, ensuring both the preservation of the fragrance and the environment. To complete this mesmerising presentation, the candles are nestled within a sophisticated wooden crate, adding a touch of luxury to any space.

Enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike can embark on a sensorial journey with McQueen conveniently, with these candles readily available online and at select boutiques.

(Images: Alexander McQueen Candles)


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Alexander McQueen Expands its Offering with Candles
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