Singapore may not necessarily be considered a fashion capital, but we sure do have an abundance of aspiring and gifted fashion designers who might put us on the list next. One of many, Amos Yeo (better known as Amos Ananda) is a streetwear designer renowned for his subversive approach to fashion – demonstrating an athletic yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Since its inauguration almost nine years ago, the eponymous label has made quite a name for itself; Amos Ananda has appeared on international stages like Paris Men’s Fashion Week and has collaborated with renowned brands including Volkswagen, Barbie, Shiseido, KFC and Martell. The household name, too, has received numerous accolades for his design philosophy.

Despite the unwavering uptick in popularity and recognition, Yeo remains unassuming and benevolent. In concert with Wisma Atria’s revamp in April and “Dawn of a New Star” campaign, Amos Ananda announced his collaboration with Wearnes Harley-Davidson of Singapore for an exclusive 15-piece capsule collection that sees a philanthropic desire to improve the lives of others.

Proceeds from the sale of the limited-edition series will be donated to Unlabelled Run, a charity advocating the removal of prejudicial labels in our community to build an inclusive, cohesive and compassionate society. The ethos of the collection draws a parallel.

“We walk through many doors in life. The most important door of all is the door to freedom. Create your own path. Life free. Ride free,” muses Amos Ananda on the collection. “This collaboration possessed a natural synergy where Wearnes HarleyDavidson of Singapore’s ethos of freedom and independence meets Amos Ananda’s rebellious philosophy,” the press release continues.

“Paying respect to the iconic brand, Amos’ vision for his design is to channel their spirit of longevity for the present, preserve the rebellious sense of adventure and unending quest for freedom and independence.”


Describe the Amos Ananda brand in one word.


What prompted you to pursue a career in fashion design?

I wanted to offer something unprecedented with a local flavour; in the Singapore fashion landscape, most designers draw their inspiration overseas, resulting in collections lacking a distinct local identity. I also had an intent to upend conventions – stereotypes about creatives – through the world of fashion.

What would you have pursued if fashion designing wasn’t an option?

I would have pursued a career in soccer. My interest secured me a spot in the team representing my secondary school and got me a contract with a professional club.

Can you share with us the ups and downs of your job? Do you have any regrets?

After graduating from university, I launched Amos Ananda right out the gate. As a fresh graduate running a business, I struggled with branding and marketing – as with most people first foraying into the industry. With time, nine years specifically, I got better.

Other downsides include the exorbitant time overseas required to establish myself, which also means sacrificing time with my family. No regrets, though. My undertaking abroad zhuzhed up my resume; I returned to Singapore with more credentials, accolades and a refined profile.

What would you say is the most fulfilling part of your job?

I get to work with people from all walks of life, creatives from different disciplinaries and eclectic brands, to create a unity of intellectual frameworks that speaks to the future generation. Everyone has something to bring to the table. I am always open to collaborations to push the envelope creatively.

When designing the Wearnes Harley-Davidson x Amos Ananda collection, where did you look for inspiration and what was your approach?

My current approach to fashion designing involves more than just conceptualising the look and feel. It also features crafting a narrative and back story, giving the collection a heart and soul. And, of course, I had to think of a way to meld these with my DNA and identity.

For the Wearnes Harley-Davidson x Amos Ananda collection, I wanted to channel the spirit of the brand’s iconic and timeless imprint. It carries a rebellious attitude with a sense of adventure and unending quest for freedom and independence.

Pointing back to the notion of integrating a local flavour, you can find shirts that are emblazoned with a motif that boasts graphics of Singapore shophouses illustrated in the said concept.

How would you describe the collection?

Unpretentious, one-of-a-kind with a touch of rawness. It embodies freedom, liberation, the ability to travel anywhere you want and live the life you desire. The collaboration is a potpourri of Amos Ananda’s rebellious nature, supernormal philosophy of “excelling way more than normal” and Harley Davidson’s iconic dominant trait of freedom and independence. This exclusive line celebrates boldness, hard work and imagination intrinsic to Harley Davidson in the unconventional Amos Ananda way.

Who should wear the Wearnes Harley-Davidson x Amos Ananda collection?

The dauntless and adventurous.

Amos Ananda x Harley-DavidsonWhere can they make their purchases?

They can reach me via Instagram. That said, I doubt the capsule collection will still be available when this story gets released [laughs]. However, the soon-to-be-launched Wearnes Harley-Davidson Singapore x Amos Ananda range of T-shirts will still be available. Keep your eyes peeled on my socials for the launch details.

How would you style the collection?

As non-pretentious as it is.

Lastly, why did you choose Unlabelled Run as the charity organisation?

Everyone, including you and I, deserves a second chance in life as long as we don’t give up, have faith and believe in the process.

(Images: Amos Ananda)

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Amos Ananda Discusses His Collaboration With Wearnes Harley-Davidson of Singapore
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