Asian features are not homogenous but are often characterised by the presence of higher cheekbones and a significantly lower nose bridge than Caucasians. Therein lies the issue, then, when big-name eyewear brands tend to construct frames for the latter demographic, creating issues with fit for Asians who just want to flaunt the same design.

A growing number of eyewear labels have thankfully stepped up to rectify the problem by offering customers the option to purchase sunglasses made with an Asian fit, often dubbed interchangeably as an alternative fit. Typically, Asian fit sunglasses would have a narrower nose bridge to prevent slippage, longer nose pads to facilitate how the frames sit on the nose, as well as a flatter curvature on the frames to prevent the annoying sensation of having your shades bump against your cheekbones.

With the burgeoning demand for Asian-friendly glasses, the following brands have expanded their range – catering to the needs of everyone. Maybe it’s time you turn to these eyewear companies to give their designs a go.


Few eyewear brands have experienced the same trajectory as Gentle Monster. The Korean label has exploded internationally, going from a cult name in its native country to a staple that has dressed the faces of many international style icons. The label was primarily created in the spirit of “by Asians, for Asians”, so expect Gentle Monster to carry a massive array of alternative fit sunglasses in the futuristic designs the collective is so known for.

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asian fit sunglasses oakley
Oakley Radar EV.

Oakley remains one of the chief brands that come to mind when one thinks of sunglasses for sports. It’s got a style for every persuasion, and technology to match any level of expertise, making Oakley frames a go-to for bikers, runners, and all athletes in between. The household label also has a selection of Asian fit sunglasses that possess more grip on the nose bridge to keep them in place through strenuous activity. If you regularly engage in sports, Oakley’s your best bet.

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PRADA asian fit sunglasses
A still from the Prada Cloudbust Landing campaign.

Luxury brands catering to an Asian fit for their eyewear lines remain few and far between, though Prada has consistently remained the exception. Its core line, as well as its athleisure-focused Linea Rossa subsidiary, both have Asian fit options that span anything from the classic to the more adventurous, trendier designs offered. Prada’s the name we love for shades you can don for sports, and stunt on the streets.

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ray ban asian fit sunglasses
Ray-Ban x Ferrari.

For the fierce popularity Ray-Ban has in Asia, it would only make sense that the leading American eyewear brand has branched out to produce options that suit our features. To meet demands, the label now offers buyers to customise its classic styles — think anything between the Wayfarers to the Clubmasters — with an Asian fit when you shop on its online portal.

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asian fit sunglasses rocket eyewear
The Rocket P3 Classic Edition.

If you like to shop with indie labels, The Rocket Eyewear Company is up your alley. This Singaporean company has a singular goal — to make shades for everyday wear that flatter Asian faces. With that in mind, it has produced one classic style, the Rocket P3, with the option for a Raised or Standard fit, with the former suiting those with lower to medium nose bridges. Though there is only one design, it offers a whole spectrum of colours and finishes, so your choices abound.

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Emporio Armani
EA 4163 (58758G)

It isn’t news that the fashion industry has impacted our environment immensely. Brands across the board are putting their best efforts into reducing their environmental impact, hoping to expiate the damages. Ever so attentive to the issue, Giorgio Armani continued to pursue the brand’s responsible approach with Emporio Armani Eyewear this year. 

The focus on sustainability takes form through a series of coordinated responsible actions: from product design and construction to using recycled materials and continued communications aligned with initiatives planned throughout the upcoming year. 

And as a luxurious Italian Maison that prides itself on exceptional quality and stylish designs, these sustainable eyeglasses can frame all peepers fashionably without compromising the planet nor causing discomfort. 

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LV 1009/S

Speaking of sustainability, Levi’s, one of the most recognised denim brands globally, debuted its first sustainable eyewear capsule collection earlier this year. Titled “Responsibly-Made”, the all-embracing collection sees new edgy and timeless sunglasses with optical frames made with injected bio-based materials derived from sustainable castor oil. Hexetate, a lightweight, albeit strong and environmentally friendly material, was also enlisted for some of the frames in the lineup.

Eyewear By David Beckham

Soccer fans would be pleased with this selection of sunglasses. Developed by Safilo, the DB Eyewear Collections reflect David Beckham’s favourite cities from around the world.

This season, the collection took inspiration from the lifestyle and culture of Miami, a place Beckham feels is a home away from home. The collection includes retro-inspired frames that feature warm hues, nodding to the beautiful Miami skies, combined with the contemporary British style synonymous with the footballer. The lineup assures the maximum quality of vision, thanks to the superior lenses.

With functionality, practicality and style in mind, the Eyewear by David Beckham SS21 collection dedicates to anyone interested in classic designs with an international perspective.

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Pilot Foldable Matte Black Sunglasses

RIMOWA has long been a trusted companion for discerning travellers, with their lauded luggage gracing the prestigious airport lounges for centuries. After 122 years of engineering premium luggage, it is no surprise that the Maison would foray into eyewear, one of the essential travel equipment. Since the debut of their first-ever eyewear collection last year, RIMOWA has expanded the range with contemporary designs – showcasing their long lineage of product innovation and expert craftsmanship.

All-inclusive and engineered to suit everyone, the RIMOWA Eyewear collection signifies their natural evolution into a cult mobility brand that provides essentials designed to meet daily needs.

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