Taking you to ELEVEN (a nod to the debut song of the girl group), IVE will act as the face of the global sports brand PUMA in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Renowned for their unrivalled talent and immense popularity in the realm of K-POP, IVE has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. From gracing the pages of fashion magazines to becoming the face of prominent beauty brands, it seems there’s no limit to their appeal. And now, the multi-talented group is expanding their reach into the world of sportswear, as they join forces with none other than PUMA.

PUMA, the global sports brand known for its innovative designs and cutting-edge style, has handpicked IVE as its new APAC Ambassador. This strategic collaboration is set to captivate the Asia-Pacific region, with IVE acting as the face of PUMA in 15 countries across Asia and Oceania. With their exceptional talent and undeniable charm, IVE will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective to the brand, infusing it with their unique MZ generation flair.

“IVE is one of the representative K-pop girl groups, loved throughout the APAC region. We are delighted to have IVE as PUMA’s new APAC Ambassador. We will be carrying out Puma’s various campaigns throughout the APAC region with IVE, and we ask for your continuous interest and support in PUMA’s unique style with IVE’s charm added,” professes Puma. 

IVE’s meteoric rise to fame is a testament to their talent and appeal. Their latest full-scale album, “I’ve IVE,” released in April, swiftly sold over an impressive 1.1 million copies, solidifying their status as million-sellers for two consecutive years. The album’s title track, “I AM,” dominated music platforms in Korea, including Melon and Genie, while their song “Kitsch” secured a spot in the top 5 on the weekly charts. Not only have they conquered the local music scene, but IVE’s popularity has also transcended borders. Their success on the international stage is undeniable, as evidenced by their inclusion in the prestigious “Billboard Global 200” and “Billboard Global Excl. US” charts. “I AM” charted for a remarkable eight consecutive weeks, peaking at number 38, while “Kitsch” secured the 168th spot. IVE’s global reach is only set to expand, with the recent release of their first Japanese album, “WAVE,” and their enthusiastic foray into full-fledged global activities.

But IVE’s talents extend beyond their musical prowess. In February, they embarked on their highly successful fan concert tour, aptly titled “The Prom Queens.” Starting in Korea and making their way to Tokyo and Kobe, Japan, IVE mesmerised fans with their electrifying performances. The tour will continue with concerts in Manila, Philippines, and Taipei, Taiwan, captivating audiences with their unparalleled stage presence. And the excitement doesn’t stop there. Their Asian fan concert tour is set to continue in Singapore on the 30th of this month, followed by a show in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 8th.

Following the conclusion of their tour, IVE will seamlessly transition into their role as PUMA’s APAC Ambassador, igniting a wave of brand activities and events that will actively engage fans and consumers worldwide. The collaboration will kick off with the highly anticipated release of the Korea Exclusive Campaign on July 17th, marking the beginning of a dynamic partnership. 

To commemorate this milestone, PUMA has unveiled an exclusive pictorial featuring the six members of IVE. Dressed in PUMA’s iconic T7 track jackets and suede sneakers, the girls exude a youthful charm and an impeccable sense of fashion. This collaboration not only aims to capture the hearts of consumers in Oceania and Asia, but it will also highlight the brand’s expertise in melding fashion with sportswear, further testifying to its finesse in athleisure.

(Images: PUMA x IVE)

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K-POP Meets Sports: IVE Becomes PUMA’s APAC Ambassador
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