Black, white, blue, grey… If that sums up your daily ensemble, then perhaps it’s about time you break out of your comfort zone add a welcome dash of colour to your wardrobe just to shake things up a little.

While deep jewel tones are great, it can be a bit much for every day wear. Save that for fancier occasions. Instead, try pastels. What’s not to love about it? Soft and inviting, the gentle colour scheme brightens up your wardrobe without being an eyesore and is subtle enough to get away with for every day wear.

Don’t believe us? We tried and tested the colour on three guys who pulled the colour off with aplomb. Scroll down to see it for yourself.

Rajid Ahmed (@yung.raja), 22

For someone who describes his style as ”fresh” and “daring”, experimenting with pastels – one of spring/summer 2018’s biggest trends – was a piece of cake for Rajid. Complementing his caramel skin tone was a casual Hawaiian-inspired pink shirt from Sandro that we layered over a netted white tank top from Hugo Boss for a relaxed beach-ready look. The artiste was also fond of the trousers we selected for him from CK Jeans that feature a single yellow stripe down the outer seam for a sports vibe. They certainly bring out his sunny personality.

Rajid wears: Polyester shirt, Sandro; cotton tank top, Hugo Boss; denim pants, CK Jeans; calf-leather derby shoes, Sandro; bracelet, belt and socks, Rajid’s own

Alexander Yue (@alexanderyue), 24

While Alexander admitted he “wouldn’t think of wearing pastels”, he also shared that he isn’t averse to giving pink, blue and mint a shot when he feels like taking a break from his usual black and white togs. We met the model halfway, matching a pastel pink jumper from Sandro with a crisp white jacket from Hugo Boss, balancing the soft hue with a structured piece to sharpen the ensemble. If you’re looking to inject just the right dose of colour, this is the way to do it.

Alexander wears: Cotton-blend jacket, Hugo Boss; cotton-wool jumper, Sandro; polyester trousers, Sandro; canvas-leather sneakers, Hugo Boss; socks, Alexander’s own

Jourdain Ng (@jourdainjenner) 24

Unlike many people who dress for the climate, Jourdain picks his clothes to satisfy his hobo aesthetic. He prefers darker tones and “oversized, torn clothing” instead of the static T-shirt and jeans combo. Here, we threw Sandro’s sunset orange suede jacket over a Hugo Boss netted top to evoke a laidback Devil-may-care vibe in the style of Johnny Depp and Jared Leto. We juxtaposed the rugged flair with a pair of Loewe trousers in a dreamy shade of lilac. Jourdain felt inspired to try to “incorporate more colours into his wardrobe”.

Jourdain wears: Suede jacket, Sandro; cotton-blend top, Hugo Boss; cotton-blend trousers, Loewe; shoes, Jourdain’s own


Words: Syed Zulfadhli (@zoolius.caesar.salad)

Styling: Chia Wei Choong (@chiaweichoong)

Photography: Simon Sim (@00simons00)

Grooming: Wee Ming (@weeeeming)

Special thanks to: FacesTM (@facestm)

written by.

Syed Zulfadhli

Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.
Playing With Pastels The AUGUSTMAN Way
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