The Crown season 5 premiered on 9 November 2022 on Netflix, and it has already taken the internet by storm. As the latest season delves into the royal family’s turbulent history, here’s taking a look at Princess Diana who is at the helm of it and her marvelous belongings. That brings to us the intriguing history of why the maison’s iconic design came to be known as the ‘Lady Dior’.

Today, the Lady Dior handbag is best known as one of the icons of Dior. The story behind the bag – particularly its name – is arguably no less mesmerising than the bag itself. In short, the Lady Dior handbag is symbolically linked to the story of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.

Lady Diana visits the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, March 6th, 1996.
Image: Courtesy REX_SIPA

In September 1995, while attending the opening of the Paul Cézanne retrospective at the Grand Palais in Paris, the First Lady of France presented Lady Diana with a brand-new Dior bag – then called the Chouchou – a creation that had not yet been launched. Then, in November of the same year, the princess was on an official trip to Argentina. As she exited the plane in Buenos Aires, she appeared carrying the bag she had received as a gift a few weeks earlier – a scene immortalised in a photograph that went around the world.

Lady Diana leaving Buenos Aires in Argentina, November 1995.
Image: Courtesy Cherruault_SIPA

The accessory became one of Lady Di’s must-haves, and she wore it on all her outings. She also famously wanted a navy-blue version to match her eye colour. Thanks to this exceptional godmother who loved its modern, elegant curves – and simply “because it suited [her] well,” in her own words – this object of desire was officially renamed the Lady Dior. The legendary status of the iconic bag, with its extraordinary destiny, was sealed.

Last but not least, the extraordinary savoir-faire behind the Lady Dior is also worth discovering (or rediscovering) once more:

Hero and Featured Images: Courtesy Getty

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