This year, Tod’s is re-examining the meaning of quality Italian hand-made footwear with a series of fatto a mano (read: handmade) shoes using a traditional technique of colouring leather. Developed by two generations of workers and knowledge handed down from one era to the next, this method is being captured in the Sartorial Touch, a capsule collection of footwear and bags that will be made available at the Tod’s flagship store in Milan on Via Spiga.

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Tod's Sartorial Touch and a Home for the Handmade-am_il_v1001_i_518f0fecde7cf1d39dbbebaa9c4f81ce91_2a4667399e833ff35d385bb9d12ff11915

The process of treating the leather with an antique-finishing is a two-step process. It starts with leather that is first treated with a cream, and dried for two days before another layer is applied. The result is a collection of products that bear that burnished feel that comes from a patina developing over time, in a brand new shoe.

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Tod's Sartorial Touch and a Home for the Handmade-am_il_v1001_i_d5036d6fd122a7132faaf6552195c5ef82_b74d535becaa445df859ce8ffc9a50f704
Tod's Sartorial Touch and a Home for the Handmade-am_il_v1001_i_0e027449dcbb959e0fbdc10793c5576d54_308d17896616c7369de7659d2bdefda985
Tod's Sartorial Touch and a Home for the Handmade-am_il_v1001_i_041a53b549d7852e008570c90e918f4409_fc3e699a907c25ef631490bbf1d8bc6b28
Tod's Sartorial Touch and a Home for the Handmade-am_il_v1001_i_241857a571f2dabf429b58089161a14305_f44894659b1a6d69b6ab9baf825dbfe029

The collection bears the full name of the company, ‘J.P. Tod’s’, inscribed upon it, and six classic shoe styles are available with the iconic Gommino moccasin, ankle boot, a single monk strap, wing-tips and lace-ups shoes. In addition, a series of bags from Tod’s new double stripe line have also been crafted with the same leathers.
However, this is only the first part of an introduction to the Sartorial Touch concept, which was conceived by Diego Della Valle, CEO of the luxury house. The entire fourth floor of the Via Spiga store follows the fatto a mano concept with a made-to-order service for Tod’s men’s products, from footwear to bags, luggages and small leather items. Stylised like a private gentleman’s club, the Sartorial Floor has an American bar built into the space, as well as tailoring desks where one can create individual items to order, specifying everything from the material to the style of each product. At the same time, customers can spend some time at the bar, having a drink and chat with friends.

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Tod’s Sartorial Touch and a Home for the Handmade
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